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  • i wish!


    waffles or pancakes?
  • Waffles.

    Which do you like better? British TV or American TV?
  • american probably, i like enough british shows, but i still prefer american. i mostly only watch panel shows from the uk and a few scripted shows.


    if you had to pick, would you rather eat a dog or a cat?
  • um... dog, i guess. only if i was forced, though. and i'd probably cry while doing so.


    what is your favorite kind of weather?
  • Snow, lots and lots of snow. I live in NC and we don't often get snow plus I don't drive so I don't have to drive in it.
  • This thread looks fun, and since the last post didn't have a question, I'll throw one out there:


    What do you prefer on your clocks:  Numbers or Roman Numerals?
  • Numbers. I can't understand past three in Roman Numerals, and it bugs the crap out of me.


    Are you a nerdfighter, or not?
  • Oh, nerdfighter all the way! French the Lama, I've got a question!


    What's your favourite Kids TV Show on air NOW?
  • Um... Curious George! Laugh Love that show. I'm pretty sure it's still on. I watched it a few times over the summer when I was babysitting, but I myself don't have the channel.

    A song that changed your life?
  • More nerdfighters! Happy day!

    A song that changed my life? Here It Goes Again, because that's the song I first heard by OK Go. After that song and that music video, I have to say there was a turning point in my life. Otherwise, would I be here?


    A song you absolutely hate?
  • The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.  Ugh!  If I hear a single second of that song, it gets stuck in my head all day.


    If you had the power, what professional sport would you have banned?
  • Um... Cheerleading is considered a sport, right? If it is, I want that banned. I just... don't get the point of it...

    I don't know very many professional sports... Embarassed

    What is your favorite quote? (From a movie, a book, a song... anything you want)
  • "You serious, Clark?"-Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation.  I say it for everything, even today in my Anatomy class.  My teacher didn't see the humor.


    Would you own a raccoon as a pet?
  • Absolutely! Have you seen their little paws? So adorable. And their cute faces! They're always wearing a Halloween costume <:o)

    The only problem I foreshadow is forgetting to lock up the garbage and the little critter getting into it and then garbage everywhere.


    Rock, paper or scissors?
  • Umm.... I am going to have to say Spock.


    What is the best gift you have ever received?
  • My best friend gave me a tye-dyed shirt with "Team OK GO" on it. It also had all their names on it, and our names, and lots of other best-friend-ish references. It was my birthday gift and I adore it. Smile


    Any website you like to go to that's a little embarassing to admit you like?
  • On Disney's wesite under the show Good Luck Charlie, there's a 'find the difference' game that my daughter showed me.  I have never EVER played it with anyone else in the house, but it's crazy addictive.  What's bad is that I play under her username and SHE gets credit for my kickass scores!  Yes, I'm kinda immature.


    What OK Go song would you not hesitate to sing karaoke to? (mine would be Needing/Getting)
  • This too shall pass. Singing that on karaoke would be awesome. "WHEN THE MORNING COMES!!!!


    What's the subject you hated most in high school?
  • Calculus.

    If colors were emotions, what would periwinkle be?
  • Sort of sad, gloomy.


    Which do you prefer, pasta or rice?
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