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  • I forgot one...

    knowing that my parents are there for me and that they never get mad when it counts.
  • ooooo, I forgot one too. It happened today and it made me sooo happy.

    Being jumped by your friends, for a huge hug!

    My friend Ashley jumped me when I came out of the bathroom at school today and gave me a big hug. I almost fell back in the bathroom but it was such a nice hug. It was funny too. biggrin.gif
  • One more... for now...

    Conan... Yesterday I felt horrible... Conan can make you smile even when you feel like crap.

  • Building snowmen... even though I should be doing economics. Oh well, snowmen > economics. It's math. It must be true.

    Ongoing jokes with friends that make you laugh for weeks whenever you bring it up.

    Someone holding your hand unexpectedly.
  • God I'm depressed,

    Being in love wub.gif

    ok i don't want to play anymore

    i also like catching snowfalkes in my mouth. haha
  • QUOTE (The End Has No Jen @ Jan 4 2006, 09:53 PM)
    God I'm depressed

    I would send you a mass amount of cookies if I knew where you lived... or had enough concentration to actually spend time baking cookies.
  • QUOTE (The End Has No Jen @ Jan 4 2006, 01:53 PM)
    God I'm depressed

    If you want to talk about it you can talk to me, or Dr. Shades. (she's actually a bartender, but don't bring it up when you talk to her. She's sensitive...)
  • QUOTE (cadillac64 @ Jan 4 2006, 07:40 PM)
    If you want to talk about it you can talk to me, or Dr. Shades. (she's actually a bartender, but don't bring it up when you talk to her. She's sensitive...)
    lol...but i'm sorry to hear our lovely, british Jen is depressed. without knowing the cause of your depression, my advice: hug a panda bear (purple bi-polar bears are dangerous) or think about how much you are adored by pandy and the lot of us. make your Happy List longer, so you can focus on more happiness and maybe do some of those things that make you happy...also, smiling helps. smile.gif
  • QUOTE (shades of blue @ Jan 4 2006, 07:31 PM)
    also, smiling helps. smile.gif

    you know what else helps?!?

    bouncing baby turtles...

  • QUOTE (darbie_starpower @ Jan 4 2006, 08:33 PM)
    you know what else helps?!?
    bouncing baby turtles...

    i love him! wub.gif
  • i dont know how happy bouncing turtles make me, but i do enjoy wearing really soft clothing, that is ALWAYS good, seriously, worn any soft stuff lately? its verry verry good, im not sure if i spelled verry right, but it doesnt matter, cause my clothes isnt soft right now. i also like salami!
  • newbies make me happy... welcome sweetness...
  • QUOTE (darbie_starpower @ Jan 4 2006, 09:02 PM)
    newbies make me happy... welcome sweetness...

    i feel so welcomed, and that made me happy, and that blue licorice is good too.
  • I've never heard of blue licorice. But skipping stones at the reservoir makes me happy. And feeding deer up at the lakehouse (even though it's illegal now). Praying makes me happy, but in a different way...AND Sweetness joined the board. THAT makes me happy. And it'll make Dave happy. I think he's grumpy because he's surrounded by estrogen ALL the time. Sweetness will do him some good.
  • haha, I don't think he minds the estrogen too much.

    Finishing oil paintings and covering up in my big, fluffy, down blanket at night. Ohhh I love that blanket.
  • i like this new newbie

  • My friend writing a parody of "Californication" called "Insubordination."

    Parodies in general.

    Imaginary dragons, rainbows, puppies in fields of pansies playing with iPods with their little puppy paws possibly rockin' out to OK Go
    ....we need to set up that situation. Like now.

    Totally and completely ignoring any work that I might have to do.

    Chita Rivera
    (And this conversation:
    [upon seeing the "chita rivera" sign on Boradway]
    Me: "if Chita Rivera gets sick, who will go on for her?"
    Friend: "that would suck. 'thr part of Chita Rivera will be played by..."
    Me: "Haha, the part of Chita Rivera will be played by Anne... hathaway"
    Friend: "of all the names in the world, you choose the PRINCESS DIARIES girl to replace Chita??")

    And, of course, newbies (though I still am one myself... shhhhh)
    especially awesome ones like Sweetness who is awesome... and knows it.
  • ...i hope that post makes sence to everyone else

    cause ive not the foggyest..
  • haha yeah, chita rivera an actress on Broadway? what's she in? and I didn't know she was still alive.....

    and I really don't like Anne Hathaway.
  • ok, you wanna know why i'm depressed?!? the fairytale that was my life has visciously ended, maybe forever. So my boyfriend of nearly 2 years tells me he doesn't thik he's in love with me anymore. Which you know, he was in love with me A LOT before I went off to greece on a fieldtrip, he was in love with me A LOT whilst I was in greece. And now he doesn't think he loves me anymore, and he's been going through A LOT of shit (man problems and such) so yea, I don't really know what to do or think. I'm distraught because the only one thing in my life i've been certain of for so long, i'm no longer certain of. I thought we'd be together forever, and now I can't see past next week.

    SO yea. I'm sad.

    Hmm things that make me happy:
    I like how my doggie loves me better than anyone else
    I like how smooth skin feels when its cold
    I love the smell of concrete after it has rained

    Thats all i got right now lol
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