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  • Chita Rivera is a dancer on Boradway who now has an wntire show showcasing her various dance routines.

    I dont' like Anne Hathaway either... it was just the first thing that came to mind.

    Sorry for the extreme randomness. I'm filling out FAFSA forms for college... and they made my brain die a little.

    So, for the next few days, I swear I'm not on drugs... just CSS forms.

    -Finishing these stupid college aid forms.
    -Not being understood at all wink.gif
    -Still Chita Rivera
  • i cant say im surprised a person named chita rivera(?) is a dancer, and that makes me happy.
  • Chita Rivera is just a happy person in general... I mean... look:
    Dance, Chita, Dance!
  • QUOTE (The End Has No Jen @ Jan 5 2006, 01:08 PM)
    ok, you wanna know why i'm depressed?!? the fairytale that was my life has visciously ended, maybe forever. So my boyfriend of nearly 2 years tells me he doesn't thik he's in love with me anymore. Which you know, he was in love with me A LOT before I went off to greece on a fieldtrip, he was in love with me A LOT whilst I was in greece. And now he doesn't think he loves me anymore, and he's been going through A LOT of shit (man problems and such) so yea, I don't really know what to do or think. I'm distraught because the only one thing in my life i've been certain of for so long, i'm no longer certain of. I thought we'd be together forever, and now I can't see past next week.

    SO yea. I'm sad.
    aw, i'm sorry....if only life could be a simple fairy-tale, but you know what? your life is not over at 20-something, far from it--it's barely started. you don't know what's in store for you tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, two years, etc...just hang on, love, and you'll see things happen for a the meantime, i recommend you get your hands on this book. it is so enlightening and insightful, your mind and heart will thank you for it. seriously.

    Hmm things that make me happy:
    I like how my doggie loves me better than anyone else
    I like how smooth skin feels when its cold
    I love the smell of concrete after it has rained

    Thats all i got right now lol
    kodak moment or perfect painting/sketch: jen , with her smooth skin, hangin' out with her doggie on the concrete, on a cold day after it has rained. cool.gif
  • More things that make me happy . . .

    -When people misheard something, and they repeat what they heard and it doesn't even relate to what was actually said.

    -Making up words when you're too made to use real words. (hahaha, my friend pulled this one today.)

    -Making up nonsense "facts" about my English teacher. (He's a vampire and he's on literary crack. blink.gif)

    -Frozen Chai Tea Latte's from Starbuck's . . . .

    I have one right now. wub.gif

    -And when my mom brings me home something unexpectedly.
    (Like this chai tea and a book I wanted. biggrin.gif)

    OK, that was two.
  • Gummi bears.

    And chipped nails.
  • Oooh I love Chita Rivera. She was the first Velma Kelly. It really pisses me off that people don't know that it was a musical before they made the movie. I'll be all...
    Me: Oh. Chicago is great. Have you seen it live?
    Them:...What do you mean?
    Me: Have you seen it live?
    Them: I thought we were talking about the movie Chicago. Not the city. I've been there though.
    Me: I meant a live performance...Like on a stage. I think broadway by the bay just finished a run of it. It got really good reviews.
    Them: It's a musical? Wow...
    Me: dry.gif
  • haha, how can't they know it's a musical in the first place? The movie is a musical itself.

    I haven't seen the production of it, but I would like to. I like musicals. I saw the Phantom of the Opera last year and it was really good. I'm seeing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (No Donny Osmond sad.gif, it's Patrick Cassidy. hahaha. I'm laughing at both of them.)and Les Miserables later this year.
  • Musicals make me happy. As do frozen lattes and beignets from Cafe du Monde in New Orleans...only 6 more days till I get to go back to Nola. yay! That makes me ridiculously happy!
  • other peoples happiness makes me happy...
    making other people happy makes me happy...
    making people laugh makes me happy...
    reading shades wonderful advice to others always makes me happy too...
  • darbies avatar makes me happy
  • QUOTE (RoRo @ Jan 6 2006, 12:41 PM)
    darbies avatar makes me happy

    yeah, it makes me happy in the pants...
  • if thereis a party in there im soo joining!

  • i dont know how happy parties in pants make me. probably not too happy. but what can you do.
  • How can you not be happy to join a party in Darbie's pants. That's unnatural.
  • friends
    guys i dont know who are absolutely gorgeous
    love songs
    not being afraid
    having stuff to laugh at
    cds that aren't copy-protected w/ drm shittiness
    my brother
    inside jokes
    my favorite fantasy books, and
    Mercedes Lackey, the lady who writes them
    birthday parties
    writing stuff down
    music in general
    my flute
    marching band
    getting the right amount of sleep
    giving good advice
    getting good advice
    giving in general
    getting in general
    monty python
  • As of today:
    -chair battles
    -driving to random locations simply because we heard that -there might be "good chinese food"
    -finding good chinese food
    -Simon and Garfunkel... well, really Paul Simon, but I don't want Garfunkle to feel bad
    -Blasting "girls just wanna have fun" on Main Street to combat all the rap in my town
    -Dancing in cars
    -Dancing on cars
    -Dancing around cars
    -My guy friend, Doug, having a shirt that said "Hot Diggity Doug." I practically pissed myself.
    -Plastic army men battles in math class using calculators as shields (I was "grenade'D" in the back a couple of times)
    -Starting bands in bathrooms (my friend started bass, another hippie plays guitar, and my friend and I provided backup)... the song? Weezer's the Sweater Song.
    -Getting chocolate from people when they can sense I'm in a bad mood
    -I know I've said it so many times... but hugs. I love hugs.
    -Enforcing the "Socks only" rule in Twister
    -EXTREME Twiser (pushing is allowed, "face on red" is allowed... pretty much anything is allowed)
    -Having a really good shuffle on my iPod where I can rock out to any song.

    -Blasting "girls just wanna have fun" on Main Street to combat all the rap in my town

    lol! thanks that just made me happy.
  • QUOTE (agentnumone @ Jan 7 2006, 02:57 AM)
    lol! thanks that just made me happy.

    Haha. <3 I highly recommend you do it yourself... it's much more satisfying... esp. when you call up a guyfriend, tell him to stand outside, and drive by blasting it and dancing in the car, knowing that he'll just give you the "what the hell?" look.

    Besides, it's just a kick-ass song.
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