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  • QUOTE (thephantommilk @ Jan 6 2006, 08:05 PM)
    my favorite fantasy books, and
    Mercedes Lackey, the lady who writes them

    ahh, which ones are your favorites?! I love her stuff! My favorites are the Elspeth trilogy.
  • more things that make me happy:

    -Popsicles in January
    -When my friend and I wear the same shoes unexpectedly.
    -Chicken Tender bar
    -Seeing my art teacher being able to stick a balloon on his head.
    -Subterranean Homesick Blues
    -Singing Billy Idol songs in art class
    -planning senior pranks
    -Burt's Bees Chapstick wub.gif
    -realizing the Red Bull really doesn't give you wings.
    -being home alone for once
    more to come . . .
  • oooh shoes always make me happy. And when you dress up and know you look really good--that's fun too, lol.
  • QUOTE (Jaded @ Jan 7 2006, 03:28 AM)
    -realizing the Red Bull really doesn't give you wings.

    hahaha. yea! What the hell is up with that? There are no wings involved with Red Bull.
  • QUOTE (tonetoile @ Jan 6 2006, 11:01 PM)
    hahaha.  yea!  What the hell is up with that?  There are no wings involved with Red Bull.

    hahaha, I don't know but they LIE!

    Another student in my speech class gave a speech on the truth about products, and his was Red Bull. Their slogan is "Red Bull gives you wings", and that's not truthful. hahaha. It was a strange topic but he did it right!

    I was laughing so much.
  • getting mail wub.gif especially when it's free vinyl from the kaiser chiefs (thanks to felster for posting about them giving that away...)
  • I love getting mail.

    Unless it's from a college I don't want to go to or the military.

    but this is the happy list thread so I won't talk about that. biggrin.gif
  • is this where this thread turns towards me and everyone talks about how their life is complete now that i am in it?
  • im sorry i cant hear you over the lack of coments coming your way
  • My happy list

    >Listning to, dancing to, and reading about OK, Go
    >Comics (humor, not action)
    >Family (when they dont fight)
    >snow days > .hot homework.ect.ect.
  • -Getting chocolate at work
    -being a librarian. hahaha. I'm the worst librian EVAH
    -Getting new underwear
    -Snowball fights
  • I found this in my blog enty back on 12-17. Here goes:

    * A thick magazine and an empty afternoon
    * Hot boys like Damian Kulash, Gideon Yago, and Cillian Murphy
    * A streaming This American Life and a game of Minesweeper
    * Smooth skin
    * Non-smudged page of notes on a clean sheet of looseleaf
    * Lying on my stomach
    * When I get my earbuds to fit into my ears and not fall out
    * Elegant Coincidences
    * Looking through
    * Wandering around with friends
    * Text messages
    * Whipping out a credit card
    * Wrapping Christmas presents
    * Driving at night after a nice rain
    * Getting to places early
    * Reading D-listed and getting all up on that celeb gossip
    * Writing timed essays
    * Being helped by store clerks
    * Impromptu hugs (followed by impromptu dance parties)

    (It's funny how some of them were mentioned by other people. Common interests, yo! Common Interests!)
  • mooooorrrrrreeeee . . . .

    -making plans for next week (I have something to look forward to besides school!)
    -Watching Annie when I haven't seen it since forever ago (Carol Burnett is awesome!)
    -when the house is quiet . . . .
    -finding things you forgot you had.
  • I know I already said it, but
    GOOD shuffles. So far, I've gotten Violent Femmes' "Kiss Off," Panic! at the Disco's "I write Sins, Not Tragedies," and now OK Go's "Bye Bye Baby."

    It helps the horror that is a French project.

    Music is the ultimate feel-good.
  • ^^Kiss Off is a great song, I love the Violent Femmes.

    more! I find more things that make me happy everyday. biggrin.gif

    -Violent Femmes!
    -changing my hair by blow drying it. I never do that and I like it!
  • Violent Femmes are, indeed, very happy. Above all others, I can dance wildly to them and shout the numbers portion of Kiss Off when I'm pissed.

    More happiness? Why not:
    -avoiding french
    -watching Lifetime with a group a friends and providing your own commentary to the awful movies they tend to show
    -baking parties
    -impromptu dances (this week? Emo Ball)
    -Mitch Hedberg
    -Dane Cook
    -Sitting in cardboard boxes
    -Sitting in trees
    -Sitting on top of vending machines
    -being onstage
    -the fact that some of my friends refer to Longview only as "that song about mastrubation."
    -stage makeup (it makes your skin look completely flawless)
    -going to see a really good play
    -parties where everyone dresses up nicely just to sit around someone's house and watch movies
    -trying on dresses
    -the sound of laughter

    oh, and pirates
  • QUOTE (darbie_starpower @ Jan 6 2006, 12:30 PM)
    other peoples happiness makes me happy...
    making other people happy makes me happy...
    making people laugh makes me happy...
    ditto, ditto, ditto! wub.gif

    reading shades wonderful advice to others always makes me happy too...
    yay, thank you! happy.gif
  • QUOTE (tonetoile @ Jan 8 2006, 07:33 PM)
    Violent Femmes are, indeed, very happy.  Above all others, I can dance wildly to them and shout the numbers portion of Kiss Off when I'm pissed.

    "Third verse, same as the first" is fun to yell, too. biggrin.gif

    Not when you're mad, though. Just because.

    -drawing a goldfish for my sketchbook this week.
    -hearing my baby sister say "That stupid duck!"
    -eskimo kisses

    more to come tomorrow, I'm sure.
  • another one... for now...

    that coconut jelly stuff you get in those preserved fruit cans... Its sooo fun to squish it between your teeth...

    ok that might of sounded slightly distgusting if you don't know what I'm talking about.
  • you know the best advice ive ever gotten?

    never shake a iguwana

    "SHAKE ME!"
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