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Damian is Hot!



  • Tempe Arizona said:You can tell a lot about a man by the kind of shoes he wears, or so says The Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. Am I the only girl in the world missing the gene to appreciate shoes? Maybe a scientific study on Tempe is needed. Wink

    You're not the only one. I hate shoes (except, of course, when they're... on my feet), but my mom loves them (she has at least a million pairs). Although I have to admit, I kinda love Damian's shoes.

  • bullshituous said:

    Susan S. and Damian together again...SO CUTE! (hope the link works...?);xslt=1

    It works! And that is indeed a very cute picture. Smile

  • My oh my! De Beers, Daphne Guinness, Stefano Tonchi @ W Magazine AND Susan S...

    Looks like this boy flutters about the upper echelons of society more than I thought ;) x

  • Is anyone else having trouble seeing that photo?
  • DJRose said:Is anyone else having trouble seeing that photo?

    Nooooooo!! Me too, can't see. Frown

  • Can't see it either.
  • violetchaos364 said:
    DJRose said:Is anyone else having trouble seeing that photo?

    Nooooooo!! Me too, can't see. Frown

    Link to Susan S and her "guest" (hot man should be NAMED, eh hem)

  • D looks pretty pleased to be "guest." Good for him. Laugh
  • From tonight's show in Las Vegas. One of many that I will get online tomorrow. Just too tired tonight.

    Also. I touched Damian. And it. Was. Awesome.

  • Sorry to post right after myself, but I wanted to share a couple more shots.

    I officially approve of my brother-in-law as my OK Go photographer.

  • Look, I know we're not supposed to talk about the guy's personal life, but I just saw some things on tumblr about a new lady in the life of Damian….

    I know he's really personal about this sort of thing but it just seems strange that it's out in the open all of the sudden. I heard he announced it in Boston. Oh, and the Wikipedia page now has  a sentence about his… other… relationships and things. (Not typing it out here for the sake of privacy, or what's left of it) I don't know if anyone's still watching that.

    With all respect to the board rules, can someone please explain what's going on? 

    p.s. She's very lucky.

    p.p.s I've found some pictures of him and his ex. They were the first google results, I feel bad now.

    EDIT: It's a little bit funny that when you google the name of his ex (I'm refraining from typing, just read the wiki) the 'Related Search' is "Damian Kulash."
  • I'm (kinda) guilty for posting one photo, but only after I saw some other photos go up on Tumblr earlier on :P 

    I suppose it's a bit difficult to avoid, now that the current girlf is more high-profile (she IS the co-founder of Design Miami after all) so maybe this means we'll be sighting more of Damian and the lucky lady in the near future? :) 

    Either way, I'm happy so long as Damian's happy ;) coz no one looks better than when theyre in an amazing relationship 

    Can I just say they're both soooooo gorgeous I feel I should start walking around with a paper bag on my head so I dun shame the general public o.O maybe I shd consider digging a hole and hiding there now :P 

  • Yeah why does he suddenly seem ok with people knowing who he's dating?  Like it's easy to find pictures of him and his new girlfriend online..
  • Well she's often photographed... perhaps they simply figured there was no point in trying to avoid that.

    In a related note, I was recently cleaning up clutter-that-wasn't-really-clutter during my unintentional house-arrest (what else had I to do?), and one of my "definitely recycling" piles of magazines collapsed, causing one to open to a page with a photo of her that I hadn't noticed when I'd read the issue. She resembled Natalie Portman in the picture, though, so I'm sure I just skimmed right over it. 

    (In response to TG: It probably has nothing to do with him "suddenly" being ok with people knowing. It's more likely she is just not as private as his ex, given her profession and her involvement in so many projects.)

    Back to radio-silence on the women, now. Embarassed

  • Yeah.. I suppose that makes sense.  Still seems odd, but I s'pose that's not our thing to speculate on.  xP
  • I don't want to comment on the content. But I would like to clear something up about the context. It's easy to see how that Wikipedia page might cause confusion as to whether the privacy policy had changed. But the page is misleading.

    I was at the concert in Boston, and Damian did not "announce" a relationship with any specific individual. He made a passing reference to a girlfriend in the midst of some banter with the audience. No names were mentioned–not that I heard in any case.

    So, the Wikipedia page is phrased in a misleading way, as well as containing information that most likely the people involved did not intend to be there. If you look at the edit sequence, you can see how it happened. First, someone went in and added "announced that he had a girlfriend," later someone added a name, and then someone added his wife's name. Remember that anyone in the world can edit that wiki.

    It's possible that there has been some sort of change in policy. But I would not take that reference as an indication either way. Hopefully, someone with authority will take notice of the wikipedia page (someone who knows what the individuals want), and will edit it as appropriate.

  • Maybe somebody should tweet them a warning?
  • Calling their attention to it somehow is not a bad idea, so long as it's a private message. But I defer to seasoned boardies on this point. I sent a message to DJRose when I first noticed this, because she's actually dealt with the Wiki privacy issue before (you can see her comment on the bio's talk page). But I don't think she received the message, and in fact, I think she has a show tonight. So, other seasoned boardies: is there a best practice, or an open channel for this kind of thing?
  • I really don't want to get involved with this. But we tend not to tweet or PM the boys on things like this. They know a lot of misleading information is on the interwebs. We tend to wait for interviews with the boys, where they are speaking for themselves on an issue and just roll our eyes at the misinformation. I supposed if the boys get "even more famous" things like that will change. But we have always viewed them as an indie band who do their own thing and ignore the misinformation or gossip. For example, notice how the boys kept out of the Corey Taylor/Stone Sour crazy fest, well even though it's not quite the same thing, in a way it is. The guys just stay out of things like that because their real focus is "making stuff" and they don't care about the other things that go on on the interwebs.
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