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Fan Fiction: Zombie OK Go

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So I've been writing some fan fic based on the drawings I drew and posted into the 'Fan Art' thread. I hope you will like it. I've written a few so far but Amber is proof-reading them and beta-ing them aswell before I post them here. A few have been checked so without further is the introduction/blurb to the stories:


It has been a couple months since Zombie OK Go settled into a woodland house on the outskirts of human society. You see, humans can’t trust a zombie. Naturally. I mean, they’re flesh eating mindless creatures...well...most of them are. Not OK Go though.

Let me explain. Two strains of the zombie virus got out of some secret mad scientist’s laboratory; one which is the deadly strain, the other is the non deadly strain. You can’t tell which zombie is which from a distance though, pretty stupid I know as both zombies have the same characteristics: grey skin, white pupils, some have slightly skeletal bodies and others don’t. BUT obviously the main difference is that one comes running towards you wanting to have your brains for tea.

Not OK Go though.

However since humans just simply don’t want to hang around when a zombie comes near, OK Go choose to leave their homes in LA* but they’ve found some upsides to living away from humans. Damian found out that he can scare the hell out of Tim whenever they’re out exploring the woods. Andy can walk through bushes whenever he likes instead of once a week. That’s how he found a wild raspberry bush**.

*...Of course they didn’t choose to leave their homes, human children were throwing little rocks and sticks at them whenever they left their homes to buy stuff or do a sound check or something. They were sort of...encouraged to move. Oh let me tell you a story. Damian got sick of being messed around with by children so one day he decided to put on his game face and scare the crap out of them with his best impression of a deadly zombie. Ever since then, he finds no greater pleasure.

** It’s also how everyone has bloody stains on their clothes now. Andy collected loads of delicious raspberries from the bush once...then remembered he didn’t like raspberries much so instead of offering them to the rest of the band or throwing them away, he decided that it would be a good idea to squash the fruit into everyone’s clothes to make it look like blood.


I'll post the next one tomorrow.

Promise. ;)



  • Yay! Zombies and OK Go and creative fiction! Three of my favourite things!
  • Today is a lazy day for OK Go, lazier than usual. Andy hasn’t washed his hair since he last went through a bush (two days ago), no one’s bothered to help change the water in Dan’s fish bowl and Damian hasn’t moved from his bed since Tim came to wake him up.

    At the dinner table Dan starts to write something on his board. Bubbles rise. He eventually gets Tim’s attention (he was fashioning a hat from the leaves in Andy’s hair) and points to his marker pen.

    “You need another pen already? Jeez, what do you do with all the ink?!”

    Dan tries to shrug but ends up sloshing a bit of his bowl water on to the kitchen floor.

    “Whoa be careful, I don’t wanna see Jeffrey end up on the floor.” said Andy quite grumpily.

    Jeffrey is the fish that lives in Dan’s bowl. It too is a zombie. The band got it from Z Maker Faire, it’s one of those fish that looks like its smiling and that’s why the guys are so fond of it. It could also be because of the fact that it’s a little on the chubby side and it makes them laugh. Jeffrey eats whatever Dan can’t get when he gets fed fish flakes or little sweets.

    Dan got up and grumpily went to get a new pen when suddenly something was thundering down the stairs. It had to be Damian. He always has to make himself known, even if it’s just to a squirrel.

    “GOOD MORN…” Damian slipped on the puddle “…ing. Oooooow, Tim help me up!”

    Unbeknownst to Damian, he had split yet another pair of jeans in a rather unfortunate place…his ass. Andy burst out laughing and had to run outside because he was so loud. While Tim helped Damian up Dan came rushing in (sloshing water about) with his board saying ‘What happened? Sounds like Andy is crying’

    You could still hear Andy laughing outside. Then silence. Usually Andy can’t stop laughing for ages so everyone was confused, especially Dan since he thought he was crying (he can’t hear so well). Andy slowly walked back into the house – leaving the door ajar -

    “Um, guys…there’s a zombie outside”

    Credit: Idea from Amber


    Oh, by the way, if you want to give me an idea for a story, post here or PM me :)

  • Jeffrey: Zombie fish. LOL!

    Give Jeffrey a perspective (Life Inside the Danbowl). He can observe and comment on shennanigans in an episode.

    Oh, when you get to the guys rehearsing and whatnot, you have to make sure they work on a cover of something off Odessey and Oracle. Just to amuse me...

  • Continued from yesterday...


    “What do you mean there’s a zombie outside? It’s just us out here” said Damian while rubbing his back.

    Andy pointed to the kitchen window. He was telling the truth. Everyone saw the zombie bumbling around in the distance...occasionally she bumped into a tree because she was too busy looking at the house. They all knew that if it was a deadly zombie they’d have to leave it alone because...well...they can’t exactly put up a good fight and zombies generally stay away from each other anyway.

    “If she comes closer to the, what are we gunna do?” asked Andy nervously.

    They all knew the answer, but they just didn’t want to say it. Dan looked around at everyone. Tim nearly slipped as he tried to back out of the kitchen quietly. Then Damian, oh Damian, he grabbed something from the table and said:


    “With a fork?” everyone said in unison (well, Dan tried to say it)

    “Nooo” groaned Damian. He promptly put the fork down.

    They gathered around Damian with feelings of anxiety, excitement and courage because that’s what the man makes them feel when he has that smirk on his face that says ‘We’re gunna give ‘em hell!’. After only a few minutes everyone knew the battle plan thoroughly. Dan was set with his bowl for a helmet and so was Tim with a bucket he found a month ago. Andy put a colander on his head with a string attached while Damian couldn’t put anything on his head because of the branches.

    “You are NOT using my red Fender as a weapon Damian” said Andy.


    Ready and equipped with their armour and weapons of choice (rolling pin, a thick hard-back book, wooden broom and part of a mike stand) they marched outside and stared at the zombie who had moved quite close to the house. Everyone was waiting for the first to make their move. Surprisingly the zombie started to walk away, but you know - who would win in this fight a deadly zombie or four zombies?

    Tim breathed a deep sigh of relief while the others started to high five each other. Seemingly unprovoked the zombie turned around and sprinted towards...Tim. Battle stance and face put on Andy, Tim and Dan waited for Damian’s signal. Then there was that smirk on his face as the zombie came ever closer. Does Damian have a trick up his sleeve?


    Was this the signal? In the midst of confusion, everyone started to run towards the zombie anyway with weapons held high while Damian hung back. The treetops were...moving...suddenly a flurry of squirrels flew out and landed on the attacker, biting and scratching then biting some more. And if that wasn’t enough, Andy started to clonk her on the head with a rolling pin. If you were witnessing this struggle from a distance, you’d probably think WTF...but still continue watching because it’s not something you see every day: one dude with antlers and one with a fish bowl, dudes with random household objects hitting a zombie and a zombie that looks like its being molested by blurry things.

    But anyway, it was clear that the zombie had given up as it was crawling away from everyone while squirrels were still scurrying all over her getting one last bite. OK Go had won. And besides, a party was due anyway.

    Credit: Idea from Amber


    I'll start working on Jeffrey's point of view since I have more time to do things (exam's are over WOO!) :P



    Ah, thanks for that hilarious mental image. I've got a couple of real-life stories with squirrels. One of them involves a squirrel and Lou Reed (one of the more surreal moments of my life, you can be sure).

  • Andy woke with the strangest feeling in his right arm. Actually he couldn’t feel it. He seemed too have slept on it all night.

    “Oh crap, I’m gunna get numbing pains in my arm” he said to himself.

    And he did. It hurt. A lot. He decided he should walk it off so he put his slippers on and went outside to stroll around the house a few times. Sometimes the forest looks dull and gloomy (fitting as the world is on the verge of a deadly zombie apocalypse) but today is an exception: it was bright, warm and the sun’s rays were breaking through the cracks in the treetops making everything have a certain glow about it. There couldn’t be a better way to start the morning off.

    No one in the house was up yet but Andy was feeling a bit adventurous and his arm was starting to feel fine again. Perhaps Andy wanted to find something cool to put in his room or he was waiting for a muse to spark brilliance. For now he just walked into a bush like he usually does and came out with a confused bird on his shoulder and his pyjamas covered in purple

    “Oops, didn’t see you there birdie...why am I covered in sticky purple stuff?”

    “You walked through my blackberry bush that’s why”

    “Who said that?”

    It was the bird. Taken aback, Andy nearly hit his head on the tree behind him. The bird had flown off of Andy’s shoulder and hovered in line with his face, they looked at each other carefully examining the other’s features...looking deeper into their eyes, the windows to their souls.

    “How come you have qualities of both a human and a zombie?” the bird said abruptly.

    Andy opened his mouth to explain but nothing came out, in fact, he couldn’t explain because he didn’t know either.

    “Wouldn’t you rather be just a human? I can do that for you if you want”

    “You can?”

    The bird nodded and with a graceful nosedive-land onto Andy’s slippers, he was human again. ‘No way’ he thought. His skin returned to its nice tanned peachy colour it had once been and there weren’t any bruising or cuts. ‘I gotta tell the others about this!’ Andy thanked the bird and off he went, running like a gazelle towards the house feeling like how Pinocchio must have felt when he turned into a real boy.



    He woke up. It was all a dream, and what a dream it was. Even though he knew that there was no way he could ever go back to being human again he realised that he actually didn’t want to. Why would he?

  • I'm still trying to write a story in Jeffrey's point of view...I haven't written in a while :|


    There’s barely any internet connection at Zombie OK Go headquarters. And it’s the only thing they occasionally argue about...only to vent some steam though. Everyone was using Andy’s wireless router (because he was the only one to think about bringing one). This time the only reason they argued was because Damian wanted to invite people over for the house warming/celebration party.

    “Andy, we’ve asked you to fix this ages ago. Come on super nerd do it!”

    Andy started to babble on about the fact that he had tried to do something about it but got distracted by what’s been happening lately (his real reason is that he’s just been too lazy) and other gobbledegook that you or I can’t begin understand. At any rate, each person in the room pretended to sleep while he waffled on. In the end, Andy sighed and walked out of the room intent on finally fixing the problem to shut everyone up.

    Tim drifted into the kitchen (you see he has a hangover) to get something for him and Dan to eat. He opened one of the cupboards to find a jar with one pickle and some coffee. ‘Yuck’ he thought. Surely that wasn’t all that was left...although they did eat and drink a lot last night.

    ---Back flash---

    Dan broke out the beer from the fridge and Andy cleared out the kitchen of anything and everything that looked good enough to eat and laid it out on the kitchen table just as Damian told them too. This was the party that led up to the awesome party later on in the week or so. Tim (the wonderful hat-maker that he is) made some party hats out of tin foil for everyone and Damian collected fallen leaves to use as confetti. Andy tapped his beer bottle with a fork and cleared his throat.

    “Alright, here’s to us for defeating our first deadly let’s get pissed!” cheered Andy

    Everyone clinked their beer bottles together and drank to their hearts content (Dan poured it into his snorkel to drink) Tim put on some jammin’ hot tunes on Damian’s laptop and Dan turned up the volume on the speakers...nearly blowing the fuses. Andy made some brownies beforehand that Tim would have devoured if someone didn’t stop him and Damian made the hole in his jeans bigger by dancing a lot (he doesn’t have any spare jeans)...

    ---Forward flash---

    Everything else is a blur. Tim wondered if anyone knew what happened last night...and who ate all the good stuff in the kitchen. But he did love those brownies; that’s the one of the things he remembered. It was time to get some grub. After all, you can’t just survive on berries Andy finds.

    Tim broke the news to Dan. His white eyes widened. He wrote ‘WTF?’ on his board. Dan pondered on what to do; should they go out to the supermarket where humans can see them and potentially try to hurt them out of fear or wait until Andy fixes the connection and order groceries over the internet later?


    OK you have two options:

    Go grocery shopping!

    or wait for Andy to do his thing

  • OK I totally forgot about this...I wrote a couple more and didn't post them, plus I've been involved in something quite interesting.



    So you may be asking ‘How did Zombie OK Go turn into...zombies?’

    Well, it all started when Dan was bitten by a stray cat which was a carrier of the non-deadly zombie strain (but no one knew that yet).  He went to the hospital and the doctor said that the injury wasn’t serious; she cleaned up the bite area and prescribed him some antibiotics to reduce infection. But of course she missed the virus, no-one knew about it yet.

    He felt fine for a few days, then the food poisoning (a way the virus masks itself)...this is when everyone visited Dan at his house to see how he was doing. He was sleeping in bed at the time.

    “You don’t look too good Dan” said Tim.

    “Do you think he’ll be better before we go to the UK?” asked Andy.

    Everyone shrugged and frowned in concern. Dan stirred. His eyes flickered open and focused on the blur that was the band. Damian patted Dan on the shoulder and he smiled but suddenly Dan gagged, covered his mouth and signalled for the bin urgently. It wasn’t a pretty sight and Tim left the room as he nearly fainted.

    Dan technically did get ‘better’ before going to the UK. In other words he had now officially turned into a zombie, he tried to hide it but you can’t exactly keep a wet towel on your head and expect no one to notice. So OK Go had decided that Dan should put loads of makeup on and he had to wear contacts all the time to make him look human again but then Damian fell ill to the virus. It wasn’t food poisoning that he said he had in January you know. No one could know that OK Go was slowly succumbing to the zombie ways.

    “You two aren’t going to eat us are you?” asked Tim.

    “If we wanted to we would have already done it” laughed Damian.


    Now...Andy didn’t get ill, he just got lazier and then randomly woke up as a zombie one day on the tour bus. That was when he started having urges to walk through bushes and after being zombified Andy became his perky old self again. Less money spent on coffee. 

    ¾ of OK Go had become zombies, and it shall remain as Tim is naturally immune to both strains of the zombie virus. How did he fool the others that he became a zombie? He’s a clever clogs, he found a way: he snuck some makeup from Dan’s dressing room at a gig, bought some face paint from a dollar store and learned how to make himself look like a zombie via the interwebs.

    Credit: Idea recycled from request by Amber

    (YES math=23)

  • It’s the day before the big party and Zombie OK Go are running low on party food because Damian feeds the squirrels and Andy gets the odd craving now and again. Tim bought food and drinks and some fruit and vegetable seeds from the supermarket (peas, pumpkin, spinach and tomato) which were not on his original list. He bent one of his own shopping rules because lately Damian had become a bit more insane than usual as he has nothing to do and the gardening would benefit everyone.

    When Tim got home, Damian rushed out and jumped around Tim asking him what he bought like a little kid with ants in his pants.

    “Did you get me new jeans?”

    “No, but...”

    “Aw, I need new jeans Tim!”

    Tim sighed and handed him the packets of seeds without a word. Damian’s eyes widened and he totally forgot about the jeans. Damian loves to garden - at his house in LA he would spend hours in the garden tending to the plants and relaxing on the grass with his dogs. While Tim and Dan took the bags of shopping into the kitchen and put them away, Damian ran to get the gardening tools from the box in his room and started to loosen the soil where he was going to sow the seeds.

    “We’re finally going to have fresh vegetables and fruit to eat!” said Damian

    A sleepy Andy wandered outside wondering what the noise was when his eye caught the sight of a packet of pumpkin seeds on the ground. If he had cat ears, they would prick up instantly.

    “You’re growing pumpkins? So we can have pumpkin pie when they’re grown?” said a delighted Andy.

    He high fived Dan and chest bumped Tim. He hasn’t had homemade pumpkin pie since he was a human and fans were giving him slices of delish-a-tude. Everyone wanted to help out sorting the new garden so Damian assigned them certain jobs: Dan-sowing seeds, Tim- collecting fallen leaves to use as fertiliser, Andy- watering while Damian was the digger (he already had the spade).

    After an hour and a half of collecting leaves, sowing seeds and watering the soil everyone was chuffed to bits at the work they have done. There are now four areas in the garden for each type of plant and now Damian has something to do every day. Hoorah! Everyone is happy.

  • It’s the big celebration day. Guests have been invited and the food has been prepared. All Zombie OK Go have to do is gussy up...right. Dan hasn’t been able to change his t shirt since ‘Z’ Maker Faire because the head hole on the shirt does not fit through the fish bowl. So he just showers with his shirt on. Andy tousled his hair to get rid of the build of up leaves and gave Tim the leaves so he could make head wreaths (toga themed party).

    “So who did you invite then Damian?” asked Tim.

    “Um...well, you see...” Damian hesitated.

    “You forgot didn’t you?”

    “No no no”

    Turns out Damian only invited his squirrel friends and Jeffrey because he didn’t think anyone would know where they lived or want to party with zombies. A party is a party and even though there wouldn’t be any sane living beings there it made the preparation so much easier: they didn’t have to put out so much food and the boys didn’t need to make an effort with their appearance.


    The squirrels had arrived, some came in groups others alone but all were bearing gifts like acorns, mushrooms and berries. As Damian was putting out saucers of beer for the squirrels Dan wondered if Jeffrey could have beer and what Jeffrey would be like drunk. So he began to tip his bottle over the top of the bowl when Andy came over, stumbling over his bed sheet toga (he’s starting to get drunk already).

    “Hey, that is an awesome idea! Get drunk Jeffers”

    Andy then got distracted by the fact that he smelled brownies and walked towards the kitchen with a few squirrels trailing behind. In the living room the squirrels looked like they were running around playing hide and seek. One hid up Damian’s shirt and he was overcome with uncontrollable spasms of laughter, he ran around in circles trying to get the squirrel out of his shirt while Tim and Dan were grabbing hold of anything just so that they wouldn’t fall over from giggling so much.

    When everyone calmed down, Tim put his iTunes on shuffle and ‘Thriller’ boomed out of the speakers. How ironic. Just as Tim was going to press the ‘Next’ button, Andy slid into the room shouting:

    “Whoa, hold it Timothy! This is perfect, we gotta dance to this”

    And dance they did. The squirrels were swaying on their hind legs and waving their little arms about, Jeffrey started doing loop-de-loops to the beat, and the boys were doing the dance. If the party was a dud, this act of spontaneity would totally lift the veil of dullness and it would burn bright warding off all feelings of monotony and boredom. Hail Andy.

  • I was wondering what the Zombie Boyz were up to!

    You are mental and I love you!

  • This is truly awesome and super funny, I love Zombie Dan! I keep imagining the picture you drew of him and his fishbowl :)

    IDEA ALERT: the boys meet zombie Andy Duncan, except he's one of the "om nom nom braaains" type zombies. They may end up keeping him as a pet.

  • I thought I commented on this earlier today... hmmm... anyway, I have been missing Zombie OK Go fiercely (especially Zombie Dan). I was thinking of squirrels and Jeffrey a couple of days ago and wondering when they'd reappear and here they are. Having a Thriller party. :) Thanks for making my day!

    Incidentally, squirrels are very good dancers. Someday I should write about the ones that lived near my old apartment. I used to leave my door open early mornings/very late evenings because I didn't have A/C and I'd be writing while listening to my favorite morning radio shows, and they'd come right up to the door to listen to the music and chatter with me. One squirrel, particularly, was incredibly fond of the Zombies (HA! I didn't even realize until after I typed that it was funny!), well, O&O anyway, and Brian Wilson. He'd actually come in the apartment.

    I don't know how he felt about Micheal Jackson.

    (There's going to be a real Beach Boys reunion!Smile <--uncontrolled, misplaced excitement striking in an unrelated thread)

  • Hehe thanks.

    Oh I drew a picture of Jeffrey if you wanted to know what it looked like:

    Aaaand here's Jeffrey's story:

    When Dan wakes up on a morning, he always limbers up so that his muscles can get ready for a long day of holding the weight of the fishbowl. This normally wakes up Jeffrey.

    Jeffrey woke up to the underwater world shuddering and shaking rhythmically. It decided to swim around the big thing a few times at a leisurely pace before clumsily bumping into The Thing’s pale bouncy exterior. The Thing moved and its huge bemused eyes looked into Jeffrey’s eyes. The blurry, stretched surroundings that lie beyond the glass window started to move and Jeffrey heard thudding. Maybe it was feeding time.

    Frantically swimming up and down and around the surface, Jeffrey was eagerly awaiting for its food when at last the delightful flakes came floating down from the heavens.

    “Jeffers sure likes its food. I know someone who used to feed her fish Cheetos on weekends. Whenever it saw one, it’d follow the Cheeto around until she put it in the bowl for it to eat; bloated up because it was eating those though.” said Tim.

    Jeffrey likes The One with the Glasses, reminds it of The Thing a lot. Except Jeffrey knows The One with the Glasses is very different to everyone else in The World*.

    Trying not to waste any energy, Jeffrey let itself sink to the bottom and stayed still (occasionally opening and closing its mouth) and watched The One with the Glasses eat. Not so interesting. But what was interesting was the forbidden zone** at the top of The Thing.

    It was deemed forbidden because of how scary it looked: dark, long and spiky-looking things poking out of The Thing. Just seems alien and suspicious. But today the zone had changed, it had to be investigated. Jeffrey couldn’t just ignore the change so it slowly made its way towards the top. Getting closer and closer - almost touching distance (if Jeffrey had eyelids it would close them) - until finally Jeffrey’s left fin brushed the spiky things lightly.

    Nothing happened. Unfazed, Jeffrey brushed its belly on the spiky things even though Jeffrey knew that there was a chance of getting hurt. Surprisingly there was no harm done, in fact it was quite a nice feeling and the spiky things weren’t spiky at all. Jeffrey reached the very top of The Thing and lied down; it was more comfortable than the bottom of the bowl and it felt like throne.

    * This is what Jeffrey calls the house.

    ** Dan recently just trimmed his hair.

  • I love your stories! How do you come up with these things? What if Trish visits and becomes a zombie too, or Dora and BunE?
  • soccerkeeper6 said:I love your stories! How do you come up with these things? What if Trish visits and becomes a zombie too, or Dora and BunE?

    Thanks ^.^

    Well...I just think of an opening sentence and then think of something that could happen in the story such getting a hula hoop and Damian steals it to make a mini trampoline with Andy. Or something...yeah something as random as that.

    (OH btw I forgot to credit Christel for the Jeffrey story idea...thanks Christel!)

  • If Damian gets new pants, they could use the old pair for the fabric part of the trampoline.Smile
  • squashedbanana said:
    soccerkeeper6 said:I love your stories! How do you come up with these things? What if Trish visits and becomes a zombie too, or Dora and BunE?

    Thanks ^.^

    Well...I just think of an opening sentence and then think of something that could happen in the story such getting a hula hoop and Damian steals it to make a mini trampoline with Andy. Or something...yeah something as random as that.

    (OH btw I forgot to credit Christel for the Jeffrey story idea...thanks Christel!)

    Oh, it's all you Jade. Laugh I just thought a story from the fish-eye view would be funny. 

    Keep these coming, they make me giggle.

  • I'm gunna try and write another one before sunday (when I go on holiday) otherwise you're gunna have to wait 10ish days for the next installment :(

    Edit: Oh wait, even if I write another one and post it tomorrow, you'll still have to wait 9ish days for another one…unless I get a hold of a computer to type it out if I get one written when I'm not sightseeing and dieing from being too hot

    (> <)

  • Alright boardies, enjoy this one…I'll be writting more on the airplane and when I have spare time so hopefully they'll be typed up and ready to post as soon as I get back.

    Damian was taking a bath when everyone else was having breakfast in the living room. Tim had eggy bread and bacon, Andy had a fruit salad (blackberries, apples and a pear) and Dan was eating dollops of peanut butter. Andy had put his laptop on a fold-up table in front of the sofa so they could watch the news as the television was broken*.


    Andy and Tim were playing catch in the living room the other day while Damian was watching cartoons on the telly. Dan came in and Tim threw it to him so the three of them were playing catch across the room, this slowly annoyed Damian as the ball was distracting him (wouldn’t you be distracted by flying balls?). He gave up on watching telly so he joined in with the game.

    A few minutes later Dan had the ball but Jeffrey got in the way of his eyesight so he threw it in a random direction, Andy and Tim ran to get it at the same time but they bashed into each other and Andy knocked the telly over. Whoops-a-doodles.


    “Hey wait, click that article about zombies” said Andy.

    Tim clicked on it and started to read it aloud so Dan could hear instead of having to reading it (he can’t read unless his bowl is filled up to below his eye line). Just as he started to read Damian walked halfway down the stairs dripping wet with a towel wrapped around his waist and his underwear stuck on his branches.

    “Have…any of you seen my underwear?” asked Damian.

     Dan, Andy and Tim looked at him, then at each other (while keeping a straight face).

     “No” said Tim and Andy.

    Damian frowned and walked back up the stairs scratching his head and mumbling (“I swear they were in the bathroom”). It was apparent that he hadn’t looked in the mirror so Andy decided that if he still hadn’t realised where they had gone they still won't tell him until the end of the day or something, just for laughs.

    Later that day Dan decided to have an early dinner so he went to the kitchen to find something good to eat. He found a chocolate bar and some strawberry flavoured flakes when Jeffrey started to nibble his ear and hit the glass. Dan chuckled and turned around to see what Jeffrey wanted him to look at: it was Damian.

    Damian could always rely on Dan to tell him what he wanted; he had many…persuasive ways of getting it out of him. Dan knew he wouldn’t be able to leave the kitchen without ending up telling Damian that after 6 hours his underwear was still dangling on his branches and occasionally catching a breeze. Andy casually walked past Damian and took a piece of chocolate from Dan and dropped it in his bowl.

    “Your underwear’s on your head” said Andy.

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