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Fan Fiction: Zombie OK Go



  • New Zombie OK Go

    You find out what Andy's doing with that lipstick, eyeshadow and chocolate facemask in this one :D

    (Oh and I finally found a way to write something about Odyssey and Oracle Christel!)

  • ROFL  I love ZombieAndy.
  • I've written a bit more but I'm laughing a bit too much because it may be a…well I'll just give you the start of what I've written that I'm laughing at:

    "They caved when I gave them my nuts." said Damian.

    I'm wondering if I should continue with this (its gotten to about 200 words).

    I was thinking I would turn it into a 2 part story because, well, who doesn't like an extended story?

    And I've got this whole fight scene with a deadly zombie or two visualised in my head with returning characters and AAAAAAAAAH

    *Rant over*

  • I've just added a bit more onto the last one I posted since volume.10 (Ishani) asked :)

    "He fumbled around in his duffle bag for a sweatband and put it on so that the masque wouldn’t get in his hair (such a wouldn’t even be noticeable, his hair’s brown for goodness sake!).

    Andy applied it on all the places where the instructions told him to (face and neck avoiding the eyes and lips) and waited till it dried. He had no warm water to wash it off with so he used a face wipe.

    “Oh, my face is nice and soft” he whispered.

    He had a bit left in the packet so instead of chucking it away he put it in a plastic bag and stowed it to use another day (maybe private time in the hotel room)."

    (Ooooh 22 for math Yell)

  • The plot thickens!
  • Funny, the first thing I thought after reading that last one was "the plot thickens." Then as I'm about to post that, I noticed that Raina already said it.


    Anyway, I loved the part about the women's jeans. I remember reading that blog post.

    In other news, the Zombie Walk is on Saturday, and if I hadn't already been going as Liz from Shaun of the Dead, I would totally be Dan. That would be rad, although absolutely no one else would get it.

  • Aaah I haven't read your post until now Aidan.

    That would have been awesome if you went as Dan Laugh

    How was the Zombie Walk anyway? I don't think we had one in England...I would have known about it! haha.

    Maybe for Halloween...

    By the way, 2nd part's up:

  • The Master of Squirrels actually referred to himself as "squirrelly" in my dream yesterday...

    Love it, Jade! (On a side note, I always have to pee before going into battle Laugh)

  • Zombie OK Go Fans:

    Happy Halloween! Kiss

  • Excellent Halloween treat: new ZOKGo episode and great picture of ZOKGo fans! :)
  • Raina, I'm currently trying to write one specifially for halloween right now

    Part way done...but I'm watching Casper right now and its distracting me haha :)

  • And I'm watching "Ghostbusters!" Haha, happy Halloween!

    Zombie!Andy: JennyHP

    Zombie!Dan: Me!

    Zombie!Tim: Barbie

    Zombie!Damian: Jessica

    JennyHP and myself are on the boards, of course. Jessica is a co-worker of Jenny's and Barbie is Jessica's sister.

    And I totally thought of you, Jade, all night! =D

  • I've been writing this story for Halloween but I have no idea how to end it.


    Somewhere in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Zombie OK Go has gotten lost. And it’s night time which makes things worse. Andy’s driving, Tim’s reading the map and carefully giving directions, Dan’s feeding Jeffrey and Damian is sprawled out on the floor. They’ve been driving for hours trying to find their hotel (and a decent coffee shop since Damian’s exhausted…from doing nothing).

    “Tim, are you reading the map right?” asked Andy.

    “Um, I hope so” replied Tim with an unsure tone.

    “OK that’s it; I’m pulling over to find out where we are on my laptop”

    As soon as he pulled over, he stepped over Damian’s oddly positioned body and turned his laptop on. Dan opened a pack of cards but instead of asking if anyone wanted to play a game he started to flick the cards onto Damian one by one. Just for fun, like Damian was going to do anything about it anyway.

    Tim sat in the driver’s seat and started stroking his chin wondering what to do when he saw the trees outside rustle violently. Must just be the wind he thought. He heard a strange noise from the back of the bus so he swiftly turned around to have a look; it was the sound of Damian grunting as Dan poked him in the side with a banana. Tim sighed with relief.

    “What’s up Tim?” asked Andy

    “Oh nothing, I just thought…um”

    “Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean there’s a monster…there might be a vampire robot”


    They are supposed to be at Seven Bridges which is apparently a really scary place to be at night/halloween (mslissy09 on tumblr told me)

    If you wanna finish the story by yourself that'll be great.

    I'm still gunna try to finish it over the next few days but in the meantime, Imma be starting a new story Smile

  • All I'm gonna say there is that Tim should be stroking his moustache, not his chin :)
  • Finished the Halloween story

    I changed the chin stroking to moustache twiddling haha

  • #22


    *twidling thumbs*

    Um, yeah. Here you go.

    I'm off to bed now, practical tests in science to do tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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