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Fan Fiction: Zombie OK Go



  • I don't know why it seemed so strange to me to log in to Twitter tonight and find that the band has tweeted a link to this thread.

    But it did. It seemed so strange. And yet, somehow, it seemed also the most perfectly normal thing.  Such is the power of Twitter.

    Now I have to started editing myself before I post here again… Embarassed

  • And they linked it on Facebook too.  :P  Go Jadey.
  • OMG SurprisedSurprisedSurprisedSurprisedOK Go linkage to Zombie OK Go is WWWIIINNNN!!!!LaughLaughLaugh

    Glad I was able to help a little bit! LaughLaughLaugh

  • Saw the link, pretty awesome. I thought they had linked it before too, i guess I just remembered wrong.

    Anyway, a couple of days ago my friend said, "You know someone did a Zombie OK Go fanfic? I thought you might like it. It has zombies, OK Go, and fanfiction. You like all those things, and you're sort of insane."

    And I just scoffed and said, "Of course I do! Come on!"

  • Been reading these, and they are adorable stories. I meant to post sooner but I've had family in town. I should bump the Teeny thread. They need some love too. Just don't want newcomers to get the wrong idea.

  • When I found this out I couldn't sleep from pure excitement :D

    (Yes I have found a computer with connection at the hotel WOOP WOOP!)

    Oo oo oo, you should bump the Teeny thread!

    I've written a few more stories so yeah...I'm having fun writting these

    Love from Beijing


  • Jade! We miss you (not just Zombie OK Go, but we miss them too)! By "we", I mean me and, uh, the squirrels. Wink

    Glad you found a connection, and I'm glad you're having fun!

  • A few days ago Tim found an old Frisbee stuck in a tree around the house so they were playing with it today outside (they nearly knocked over a fresh batch of velvet cupcakes when they played inside). A few of the rules they played by: if you don’t catch it you have to creep up on Andy and try to scare the crap out of him and if you get it in the tree you can’t have the squirrels get it before you do otherwise Damian puts a squirrel up your shirt.

    Dan was going to join in but Damian gets carried away and sometimes he throws the Frisbee really hard and that could break Dan’s bowl (bad for Jeffrey) and Andy was stuck with gardening because he broke the TV the other day.

    Damian accidently threw the Frisbee really high by accident because a squirrel jumped onto his branches and so the Frisbee nearly knocked Tim’s traffic cone off his head. Meanwhile Dan had taken a stroll through the forest wondering why Andy likes to walk through bushes so much. He was just about to try it when Jeffrey started to nibble his ear and tap on the glass. Dan stopped and looked around and then he saw them, Dora and Bunny lying next to a tree.

    Their ears pricked up and they wagged their tails at the sight of Dan. He smiled and went to pet them vigorously on their heads and when he hugged Bunny he noticed that she had a little bag strapped around her neck. Dan was curious so he took it off her and looked inside. There were some letters to the boys from family and a bag of dog treats.

    He took out the treats and both of the dogs sat up eager to get some to eat. Dan let them eat and rest for a while longer before leading them back to the house as they travelled a long way to LA to find OK Go. Afterwards he led the dogs back to the house. Once they got nearer Dan told them to stay just out of sight behind a tree.

    Dan wrote ‘Guess who I found’ on his board and showed it to Andy (who was still slaving away in the garden). He shrugged.

    “Um, Andy Duncan no…um…”

    Andy spent ages naming names, from the norm (that zombie they fought) to the outright ridiculous (Lady Gaga) until Dan just held one of his hands in front of Andy’s face and beckoned the dogs to come with the other hand.

    “Holy crap, no way. Damian, Tim come over here Dora and Bunny found us!” shouted Andy

    Damian accidently threw the Frisbee into a tree but he didn’t care, his dogs are here.


    Next one tomorrow

  • One thing that I really really love about all this is the style of writing. It's kind of random-stream-of-consciousness and it's fantastic! And these small combinations of words that make me laugh pretty hard for absolutely no reason ("Dan was eating dollops of peanut butter.") It's great.
  • Its mid afternoon and there’s nothing to do in the house of OK Go: Dan’s sat in a corner teasing Jeffrey with a box of fish flakes, Tim’s cooking dinner for everyone and both Andy and Damian are surfing the interwebs.

    “I’m gunna go help Tim out in the kitchen. Who knows what its gunna be like without some of my help.” said Damian

    Andy laughed and nodded but Dan didn’t seem to notice as he’s still amused by teasing Jeffrey. The boards haven’t been checked in a while to see if the boardies have found anymore problems that need to be fixed (tut tut, lazy Andy) so Andy decided to check the boards but before checking the problems thread he found one that was about where OK Go had disappeared to.

    The boardies discussed whether they have been zombified or not and if that’s why they haven’t been doing any concerts. Quite a large discussion actually: one boardie argued that OK Go might be avoiding zombies at all costs which is a sensible thing to do and another said that it’d be freaking awesome if they turned into zombies.

    Reading all the posts gave Andy a headache (too many posts) although the discussions were pretty funny.

    “Hey Damian.”

    “What is it? I’m making magic in here.”

    “We should go back on tour.”

    There was a clang from the kitchen (Dan looked up at this point looking really confused and bewildered) and Damian came running towards Andy to hug him in a manly way *ahem*. Damian showed no signs of letting go so Andy was left in an increasingly weird and uncomfortable position.

    Luckily for him Dora and Bunny started to tap Damian on the leg. Could have been for attention and treats, could have been to break up the really long hug. Whatever the reason Damian let go of Andy and started to talk to the dogs.

    “Right you need to go back to LA and tell the Paracadets…”

    “Why don’t you just write it down, they can’t talk.” said Andy.

    “Good point…hey do you smell that?”

    Tim had been leaning in the kitchen doorway all this time having a little chuckle and had forgotten all about cooking dinner. He slipped back into the kitchen to find out what the smell was when he saw that the tomato soup had started to burn around the edges; everything else was fine.

    Damian wrote out the letter and placed it in Bunny’s little bag. Dora barked at Dan and he fetched some dog biscuits for them to eat along the way and then they ran off towards LA.

    “Your dogs are so awesome.” said Andy.

    “I know.”

  • Awesome! Freaking Awesome! Awesomesocks, even, Jade!

    And, yes, Damian's dogs are so awesome, as well!

    I may never tire of "Paracadets". Laugh

    (Yes. I am very easily amused. Yes, usually by my own thoughts. Wink But that just means I spend most of my life in an extended state of amusement, which, if you think about it, is pretty cool.) Cool

  • I especially love Damian:  "I'm making magic in here." LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  • I think "Paracadets" should be the new name for OK Go fans (or boardies.) It would make a great t-shirt.
  • Aleatory said:I think "Paracadets" should be the new name for OK Go fans (or boardies.) It would make a great t-shirt.

    It would make a great shirt (it has, and since you have equipment now, I'm sure it will again!). And it is perfect for fans/boardies. Right now, however, it's what I've called members of Team OK Go (the band, the staff, the friends, the dogs). Of course, since they're busy touring and I haven't heard back yet, I can reclaim it.

    Show me your shirt designs (this is the part where I make an inappropriate joke and say, "and I'll show you mine…" not meant that way, though)!

  • Everyone was excited to get back on tour but after two hours or non-stop packing and deciding who would bring what they started to get really bored and needed to get away from the sight of their suitcases.

    What should they do?

    Watch a movie


    Walk in the forest

  • As much as I adore the idea of a secret switch in a cookie jar, I love the mental picture of frolicking off to make popcorn even more! In fact, I love that whole section!
  • Why is it that I can totally picture Tim getting freaked out and picking up a rolling pin?  I absolutely adore these stories.
  • Andy with a squirrel on his head?!
    Just a little tease everyone!

    I'm not finished with the next one yet so I illustrated one teeny bit of what happens in pt.1 (uh yeah, there's multiple parts).

    EDIT: ahhh I'm so hyper right now ^.^

    Oh, and I might post the stories on my livejournal page from now on since it kinda clunks up the thread if I post here…toodles!

  • squashedbanana said:

    Andy with a squirrel on his head?!
    Just a little tease everyone!

    This is so cute, so perfectly perfect and cute!
  • It's been a week since I posted the teaser?'ve finished it now.

    Part one's up...check back tomorrow for the next one.

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