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Album Number FOUR??!!??!!

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Whoever is twittering/Facebooking (or really, running HootSuite) just announced that the guys are in LA this week working on new material.


I'm not complaining, I just feel a tad spoiled.  The wait between CDs has been ridiculously long in the past.  OK Go came out in '02, Oh No in '05, and OTBCOTS in '10.  ...In fact, if I'm not mistaken, it's been exactly a year since it was released.  Is this even the same band?!

(Just kidding, boys, if you're reading this.  New Material from you would make my year, no matter how long I've been waiting)



  • I'm not really sure what to say besides: (Sorry about the caps...) I'M SO EXCITED!!!! *dances around like a maniac*LaughLaughLaughSmileLaughLaughSmileLaughLaughLaugh

  • I guess having their own label really has it's advantages. Wink

    Paracadute! Onward and upward!

    PS The spell check on this thing doesn't have Paracadute in its dictionary. Suggestions are "Parachuted, Paraclete, Paraded, Predate, Placated". I'm thinking it should be added. Just maybe.



    I agree with Becky. Maybe without the pressure of a major label, they get to work on their own schedule. Either way, I like it very very much. 

    Also, you know what a new album means, right?

    A NEW TOUR. Awesome.

  • Yeah, me too, agree with Becky, maybe touring will not be so crazy this year because of that, yeah?... oh I can't wait! Paracadute!


    Extra Nice Editions forever.


    A NEW ALBUM IN 2011 MEANS... wait, anything, unless the good people from my country bring them back, that means me, crying. 

  • When I first read that on Twitter, I flipped out. In fact I think I scared my brother a little bit. But rightly so, because this is awesome! I had put my desire for a new album in the very back of my mind because I figured it'd be another long wait. Now I can't help but hope for a much quicker turnaround. Seriously, the sooner the better! As long as there is no compromise of quality, of course. Not that OK Go would ever compromise quality.

    Ah, this thread has brightened up my day!

  • * stares at screen blankly for a minute, then jumps around in joy * What?! That was quick!

    Oh gosh, this is awesome news! I can't wait!

  • But "working on some new material" could just mean they're writing.. not necessarily recording. So it doesn't mean that anything is coming out very soon. But as Krista said, if it doesn't mean compromising quality then I am ALL for it Laugh 

    I'm so happy for the guys, having their own label and all, it must be so refreshing. woo hoo!

  • I was having a terrible night last night but saw that and it at least brightened things a little bit.  ^^

    It still seems weird to mee.. I saw them the first time like a month after OTBCOTS came out, and that seems sooo recenttt.  It's like.. woahh, already?  Even though a part of me expected it to be soon.

    I'm so pumppeeeddd. As long as it's still good quality anywho.. which it will be.  Cuz they take their quality damned seriously.  :D

  • Well, WOW. I'm excited! But I mean, They're used to touring for a long time.

    I think that they should wait for a little bit.

    But still SUPER EXCITED. I wonder what they boys are going to pull out of their sleeve now?

  • I may be alone but I'm really looking forward to a new album because I find this one SOoooooooo depressing sometimes that it's not as played as often as it should.  It was written during a particularly dark time and I think if it was me, I'd be tired of playing these depressing songs especially if I'd moved on as I'm sure they have.

    Also, new model for lots of bands is to release fresh material as it's being created, sharing the excitement with fans so let's keep our fingers crossed for that model. 

  • ^^ Alientologist, I couldn't agree with you more. I was worried I was one of the few who shared your sentiment. Many people find the 3rd album uplifting, which I say, good for them. But I share your sentiments of looking forward to some more upbeat music again, or at least a good combination of upbeat and groove.
  • I find the fact that this album is so personal extremely exciting and amazing. Yes, it's kind of depressing at some points, but it does not make me feel depressed at all, cuz it also makes me just like...vent my feelings away, you know? 

    I found myself particularly close to the record, specially to 'this too shall pass' which couldn't have been released in a more perfect moment for me.

    so, yeah, i'm excited for new stuff because it's them, you know, i'm always excited about anything they do :]

    but yeah, I get what you guys mean...

  • I really love how each of their albums has it's own unique sound, unlike some artists/bands that release album after album which all sound identical. And yeah, some of the songs on OTBCOTS could be interpreted as depressing but I really admire the guys for putting themselves out there in such a personal way, I think it shows how they've all grown and such since Oh No. And you can't deny that at least some of the songs on OTBCOTS are pretty upbeat and fun. Personally, I like every song on the album. Just because some of the songs hold sad or depressing feelings doesn't mean that's a bad thing. It's good to feel. 

    Whatever music the boys create I'm sure it will be amazing. They're always coming up with new and exciting ideas, which is one of the reasons I adore them so much. :)

  • Yeah, the thing with OTBCOTS for me is that at the beginning it's happier, more uplifting, and then it slowly gets more depressing, I think.  However, music never makes me depressed.. like, if it's well written, it'll usually either make me feel better about whatever reason I'm sad (like venting), or it'll just put me in a state of awe.. like "Holy crap how the hell do you control instruments well enough that you can get -that- much feeling out of it?"

    So I kinda love it.  A lot.

    But I am pumped for a new album.. I do expect it to be slightly happier this time, as there isn't all fo the crap going on that was going on last time, but at the same time I think they wouldn't go back completely to the style of Oh No, so I'm realllly curious to see what they come up with.  :)

    Also, I love how I can do basic addition in less than a second now.. I was always good at it, but not this fast.  xD

  • Agreed! I'm always curious as to what the boys will come up with next. And a new album means a new tour! I feel so inexperienced because I've never seen them live even though I've been a fan of theirs for ages. Every time they've come to Canada I've missed it. But I'm hoping maybe to catch a show in New York if possible cause it's not too far :). And my addition skills are flourishing thanks the these boards. 
  • Bump.

    Now that the boys are done with shows, for now, didn't they say that they were going to work on the new album?

    I wonder if it will be "happier" than OTBCOTS. I'm pretty sure that they won't be returning to the sound of OK Go or Oh No, as they seem pretty adamant about not sounding like a cover band of themselves.

    I just have one wish, or two really. That wish is that Tim or aross get the lead vocals on one of the songs. Don't get me wrong, I love Damian to death, but I really enjoy the other boys' voices and think it would be pretty swell to have them sing lead for a song. What say you all?
  • They're definitely going for new music now.

    Had a long conversation with Tim about it.  Which I know we've established by now but saying it again makes me happy, so deal.  xD

    I'm also so curious to hear itttt.  It's gotta be happier than OTBCOTS, but.. well, as you said.  Almost deifnitely won't be the same as okgo or Oh No..
  • Honestly, I never know what to expect.  Usually when a new OK Go album comes out it takes me a few listens to really love it, but I loved OTBCOTS right out of the gate (probably because I'd heard half of it live a year earlier, but still).  As for the discussion on changing their style, well, I have a thought about that which I've been holding my tongue on, but hey, a discussion board is a discussion board for a reason, so.  We all already have OK Go, Oh No, and OTBCOTS.  If we want to hear those albums, we can listen to them, Again and Again (and I know many of us do).  So if we want to hear an OK Go album that sounds like their first album, we can put it in our CD player and play it.  I want to hear what else they're capable of.  I want to hear what else is rolling around in their heads.  If that means that the next album isn't as good as the last, well, fine.  But it'll inspire someone else, and potentially interest people who wouldn't have been interested in the older discs without the context of the newer ones. 

    Yeah, I'm a bit of a snob at concerts and I stand like a hipster during HIGA.  But I recognize that the fans who started listening because of HIGA are what propelled the band to make the next album. 

    And really, their old style never *really* leaves.  I mean, TGSIEH and No Sign, anyone? 
  • beckysioux said:


    I just have one wish, or two really. That wish is that Tim or aross get the lead vocals on one of the songs. Don't get me wrong, I love Damian to death, but I really enjoy the other boys' voices and think it would be pretty swell to have them sing lead for a song. What say you all?

    I feel the same way.  I was hoping there would be an Andy-sung song on the third album–I got excited at first during Before the Earth Was Round till I realized I had been tricked into thinking Andy was singing ;p  I'd also dig another Tim-sung song.

    DJRose said:

    And really, their old style never *really* leaves.  I mean, TGSIEH and No Sign, anyone? 



    *P.S. I wonder if I'm the only pre-treadmill fan who still loves HIGA.  I still genuinely, honest-to-God, dig that song.
  • I sort of though that TGSIEH sort of had a bit of the sound of "In the Glass," but that's just me.  

    I think that their new album will likely be every bit as good as their previous ones, if not better, I mean let's think about it.  Damian is still a perfectionist just think about him polishing that Plexiglas himself over and over during the shoots for AINL.  Tim is still amazingly creative and willing to push the boundaries of what is and is not art just look at his outer space adventure.  Andy is still brilliant and Dan is still a human metronome full of new rhythm ideas.

    I, personally, can not wait to see what the have in store for us next.
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