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  • Ooh, nice story! You're a great writer! laugh.gif
    I now want to play Scrabble and Yahtzee!

    And it reminded of a special video game video, so... just watched There's A Fire again wink.gif

  • LOVE it, Tempe. That is an ADORABLE story.
  • That's so adorable Tempe!

    A friend of mine is going over to Arizona for a week and I wanted to ask her is she was going to go to Tempe because I thought of you!! Which led me to thinking about the Teenys and then that made me smile.
  • That was so cute laugh.gif That was a great story. You're awesome!
  • QUOTE (Henrietta @ Apr 29 2008, 03:17 AM)
    And it reminded of a special video game video, so... just watched There's A Fire again wink.gif

    Lol, yey, you got the reference! Gah, I should've described more how Teeny's play Scrabble. Ah, well, Scrabble will become a new fav game to read in Teeny stories.

    And now for a Teeny shortie....

    Owner of Little Damian
    "I was outside getting the mail, when I ran into my next door neighbor, Mrs. Pamplemousse. She wasn't French, but she had recently married a much younger French man named Timouxthy Chez. She waved at me enthusiastically from her mailbox.

    "Oh," she said, "I've been meaning to ask you. You don't have any roomates, do you?"
    "No, I don't," I told her.
    "It's just that, every now and then, I hear you yelling at somebody."
    "Oh, well I do have four Teeny men living in my pantry."
    She looked surprised and confused..."Huh?"
    "...They have their own rock band too," I added.
    She continued to just stare at me..."I think you've been studying too hard."
    "Alrighty," I said closing my mailbox. "See you later, then."
    "Yes," she said, "I have to go cook for my new husband. He's french, you know, and very fussy about eating." She started back to her house.
    "Yeps," I said, "And I have to go cook for some Teeny men. One of them if also very fussy about eating. He throws spoons at me when I cook wrong."
    She stopped for a second, then hurried into her house as quickly as possible. I could've sworn I heard her lock the door tightly and check out the window for me to go away. Ah, Mrs. Pamplemousse. What an interesting lady you are."
  • I never would have expected BP to admit to the existence of the Teenies. That's pretty amusing!
  • QUOTE (DJRose @ May 3 2008, 08:35 AM)
    I never would have expected BP to admit to the existence of the Teenies. That's pretty amusing!

    Lol, she wouldn't noramlly admit it. She just doesn't like that neighbor and her bragging all that much. But she wouldn't dare tell the Teeny's about this neighbor, or it's likely Dinky Damian would want to pay her a visit.
  • on my trip back from the dead, I'm awarded with TWO Teeny stories to read!! biggrin.gif

    ahhhh. I need to find another word for "cute" or "adorable." I'm loving interior decorator Damian. ahaha. and that scene with the neighbor...ack! it was so hilarious! this inspires me to work on Teeny art. which I will do, once I get my new computer.

    you're so cool, Tempe! wub.gif
  • I am working on an Indiana Jones inspired Teeny story starring Runty Rusty as the hero. But for some reason, this story came out first. Indiana Jones ep will be written soon. In the meantime, enjoy this one.

    Owner of Little Damian:

    "One of my friends had to go out of town for the weekend and asked me to house-sit for her. I didn't know if I wanted to leave the Teenys all alone. I wasn't sure what sort of trouble they might get into on their own. Since I'd have my friend's house all to myself, I decided it should be alright to bring them along with me.
    "Come on guys, we're going on a trip!" I declared.
    "Let me see if we can work this into my schedule," Little Damian said, pretending to flip through a scheduling book. He looked up at me, "Oh, wait a minute. You're serious." Then more excitedly, he added,"--Where are we going?"
    "We're going to house-sit for a friend of mine for the weekend."
    "The weekend?" Runty Rusty thought out loud. "Seesh, what I'm trying to download should finally be ready by then."
    "Forget the computer, man," Little Damian said, "We should go pack." Little Damian motioned toward the pantry and the rest of the Teenys followed him away.

    A short time later, Diminutive Dan emerged from the pantry with his sleeping bag. "I'm ready," he told me. "I travel light. Everything I'll need is tucked into my sleeping bag."
    Runty Rusty and Little Damian shortly followed with a few miscellaneous items placed in gym bags. The dark blue cushy cloth gym bags actually belonged to my old Ken doll.
    We waited and waited for what felt like well over an hour. Finally, Little Damian called for Tiny Tim. "I'm coming," he answered back in a strained voice. "I'm gonna need some help though." The pantry door opened and Tiny Tim emerged, dragining four large bags with him. The bags were about half his size, for the Teeny's those would be some rather large bags.
    "Tim!" Little Damian slapped his hand to his forhead, "You always do this. It's a weekend thing. We're only gonna be away for one night."
    "I like to dress according to my mood," Tiny Tim explained.
    "I'm not helping you carry all that," Little Damian laid down the law.
    "You don't have to." Tiny Tim looked up at me expectantly in a sweet little way. Somehow making his eyes look huge, pleading, and shiny through his large black rimmed glasses.
    "Oh, alright," I said. I easily picked up his four great bags. Although, they were a little bit heavy.
    "Damn," Little Damian smirked. "You're crafty."
    "I know," Tiny Tim muttered with a proud grin.
    "So when do we leave?" Diminutive Dan asked me.
    "Everyone grab your stuff and hop into my totebag," I said. "My friend will be there. She needs to give me the keys and show me around, so I expect all of you to keep quiet and out of sight until she leaves...Is that understood?" I looked firmly at Little Damian.
    "What?" he asked.
    Runty Rusty and Diminutive Dan saluted me and hoped into the tote bag with their belongings. Tiny Tim and Little Damian followed. I placed Tiny Tim's items in a side zipper of the tote.

    I parked in my friend's drive way. She hugged me and let me into the house. She showed me around, gave me the keys, and thanked me. She said she'd be back tomorrow around noon-time. Her taxi then showed up, and she hopped inside and waved goodbye. I heard a rattling sound and turned my head to the right to see the Teenys had already gotten out of my bag and were sitting on the window sill, holding up a slat of venetian blind to wave at my friend.
    "Must you be so friendly?" I asked as I closed the door.
    "Why not?" Diminutive Dan asked pleasantly.
    "Nevermind," I said.
    "Hey, this is a nice place," Little Damian said. "You could stand to learn a thing or two from her about decorating," he said to me. "I'm kidding," he added with a smile. "Where can I hooked up my laptop?" Runty Rusty asked.
    "Has she got cable tv?" Tiny Tim asked.
    "Where are the munchies?" Diminutive Dan asked.

    They split up to hunt down the answers to their own questions. Little Damian went snooping just about everywhere, the medicine cabinet, the closets, the bookshelves, cupboards and fridge.
    "Aren't you being a bit too nosy?" I told him as he strode along a bookshelf.
    "Come on, everyone does it. You know you're the same way at a new house. Besides, I'm just getting the feel for the place. Your friend reads some pretty interesting stuff. Art, psychology, you have a smart friend," he said approvingly. Then his eye caught something, "Hello! The Pixies! You have a friend who listens to the pixies?" He started flipping through her cd collection, throwing albums over his shoulders excitedly, while I dodged flying cds. "Easy!" I said, "Don't break anything."
    Tiny Tim crawled onto the sofa, grabbing hold of the tv remote which was almost twice his size. "Sweeeet," he said, trying to find the power button.
    Diminutive Dan emerged from a cupboard, dragging bags of potato chips, pretzels, cheese doodles, and cookies with him to the sofa. With some effort, he got the bags upright and pushed each one up onto the sofa next to Tiny Tim. Then Tiny Tim turned on the tv.
    Runty Rusty sat in the corner, having found a cozy place to set up his computer, he was already hard at work programing, blogging, editing, or whatever it is that he does on that computer.

    We spent the evening eating junk food and watching tv. We ordered a pizza. Little Damian insisted we watch some old home movies he had found and flip through some photo albums. The Teenys fell asleep sprawled out on the sofa. I took out my own sleeping bag and went to sleep on the living room floor. The next morning, I heard the door unlock way before the expected time of twelve noon. I jolted up, grabbed the Teenys and shoved them into my sleeping bag as Little Damian yelped, "Hey!" Then the Teenys started to sqirm and yell at me in muffled voices from the sleeping bag. "Quiet! She's home!" I snapped.
    "What?" my friend asked as she stepped in the house.
    "I didn't say anything." I said.
    "I'm home early!" She declared. "That stupid conference pretty much finished up yesterday. Didn't feel like staying for the morning session, so I caught a bus..." She looked around at the messy bookshelves, disarrayed cd collection, books and snacks everywhere. She was a very neat person. Needless to say, she wasnt' too pleased with the mess the Teenys--I mean I had caused. Now I know how the Teenys feel when I catch them after they've made a mess.
    "I'm sorry," I said sheepishly. "I didn't mean to go through your stuff. I meant to clean it up before you got home. No wait, that didn't sound right---"
    "Um, it's ok. I guess," she said slowly. "I'm sorta tired so I'm gonna go take a nap. Thanks for looking after the place."
    I got my stuff together. She hugged me rather stiffly this time. I threw my stuff into the car and drove off.
    The Teenys managed to crawl out of my crumpled sleeping bag. Tiny Tims glasses were canted sideways on his head.
    "What are you trying to do? Suffocate us?" Little Damian asked indignant as he climbed into the passenger's seat. The rest of the Teenys followed. Runty Rusty got the seat belt over all of them and fastened it.
    "You got me in such trouble with my friend. Do you know how embarrassing that was?" I told them.
    "Don't worry," Runty Rusty said. "She'll get over it."
    "Oh, thanks a lot. That's very reassuring."
    "We're not being jerks about it," Tiny Tim said.
    "Oh, really?"
    "Yeah," Diminutive Dan added. "I mean come on. You always forgive us for making a mess."
    "Besides," Tiny Tim added, "It wasn't that bad a mess."
    "Every place needs a little disorganizing," Little Damian said.
    "She ought to have called you anyway to let you know she was coming home early," Diminutive Dan noted.
    "Hmm, maybe you're right."
    "Sure we are," Little Damian said.
    After a few seconds of silence, Runty Rusty asked, "Can we go get some brunch?"
    "Can we go get some brunch please?" Runty Rusty reworded his request.
    The Teenys had been so sweet, trying to reassure me about my embarrassment, that I decided to take Runty Rusty up on his proposition. "If you stay in the car, I'll stop by a restaurant and take some things to go."
    They started to argue about what they wanted to eat. I took that opportunity to get out of the car and buy the food before they could follow along.

    So we enjoyed some brunch at home. And it was good to be home."
  • QUOTE (applelye @ May 4 2008, 05:21 AM)
    on my trip back from the dead, I'm awarded with TWO Teeny stories to read!! biggrin.gif

    ahhhh. I need to find another word for "cute" or "adorable." I'm loving interior decorator Damian. ahaha. and that scene with the neighbor...ack! it was so hilarious! this inspires me to work on Teeny art. which I will do, once I get my new computer.

    you're so cool, Tempe! wub.gif

    Aww, you sweet. Where have you been? Hope you're computer issues are solved soon.

    QUOTE (LolaBert @ Apr 29 2008, 06:39 AM)
    A friend of mine is going over to Arizona for a week and I wanted to ask her is she was going to go to Tempe because I thought of you!! Which led me to thinking about the Teenys and then that made me smile.

    Yey, Arizona! What brings your friend to this lovely state? Is she going to visit the Grand Canyon?

    D'oh! This post just went over to another page. In case you all didn't notice, go back to the end of the last page for a new Teeny story about house sitting.
  • Awwww, Rose, that was a REALLY sweet story!
  • smile.gif Brilliant, Miss Tempe. My favorite part: "She'll get over it."
  • Yay! Two new stories!! I love the part where Little Damian is chucking CDs off the shelves. I can totally picture this in my head!!

    My friend was in Arizona for some conference thingy. Don't know if she went to the Grand Canyon though!!
  • Owner of Little Damian:

    "I had a project to do for a costume design class. I pretty much pulled an all-nighter to get it done. First I had to sketch a costume, then I had to actually sew a small prototype of it. The theme had to be "Period Piece Dress." I sketched an elaborate Pilgrim suit, buckled shoes, hat, and all. Then I had to actually sew it as a small costume. Toward the end, just as I had enough of stabbing my fingers with thread and needle and was ready to quit, Runty Rusty crawled up onto the kitchen table to see how my work was coming.

    "Ah," I said. "I think I'm finally done! Here, try this on for me."
    "Huh? Hey, why are you making me be the model?"
    "I want to make sure it looks right. Little Damian is too tall. Diminutive Dan and Tiny Tim don't have the right body type for this. Besides you just happen to be here, so help me out."
    He groaned reluctantly, but grabbed the costume, hopped from the table to a chair to the floor, then went into the pantry to change.
    A short time later, he emerged from the pantry, hat, shoes, and full Pilgrim dress.
    The rest of the Teenys dropped what they were doing and looked up in surprise.
    "Not a word!" Runty Rusty stated.
    "I didn't say anything," Little Damian said, "Except---"
    "Hey, that's a pretty good costume," Diminutive Dan said with a smile.
    "Nicely done," Tiny Tim told me approvingly.
    I bent down to get a closer look and made Runty Rusty turn a few times to check things over. "Well," I said, "It all looks good and it's not falling apart. I guess that means, I've completed the assignment."
    "Isn't this kind of cheating?" Little Damian pointed out. "I mean, do the rest of your classmates have a band living in their pantry who can try on prototypical period piece clothing?"
    I was too sleepy to counter that thought. "I'm gonna take a nap now," I told them all.
    "We'll be quiet," Little Damian said, going to a cabinet to take out the motor boat I had bought him for his birthday. "We'll just play with our boat. Can you fill the sink for us?"
    I filled the sink and went to bed. I forgot I had left the kitchen and dinning room windows opened. The cool air had helped me to stay awake through the night. I sloushed off to bed, closing the bedroom door behind me.

    "Admiral Nordwind," Little Damian said with authority, "I salute you! Now, as Captain, I order you to do the following: Take this Pilgrim to the galley while I figure out whether to make him walk the plank or not."
    "Aye, aye, Captain!....Uhh, where's the galley again?"
    "Agh, Admiral Nordwind. You always do this. That's why for this mission, I have hired Long John Dan Konopka!"
    Diminutive Dan stepped forward proudly, wearing a bandana and eye patch.
    Suddenly a gust of wind burst through the window, sending the Teeny motor boat swaying violently side to side. Little Damian, Tiny Tim, and Diminutive Dan fell down. But Runty Rusty not only fell, he started to roll across the deck, tumbling over the side of the ship. The rest of the Teenys were helpless to come to his aid as they clung to the sides of the swaying ship. Runty Rusty fell overboard, but not into the water. As he fell, he grabbed a rope that dangled from the side of the boat. He clung to it desperately trying to hoist himself back up into the boat, tongue sticking out the side of his mouth in concentration. The wind blowing in from the window finally died down and the rest of the Teenys were able to come help Runty Rusty by hoisting him back into the ship.
    "Are you ok, Andy?" Diminutive Dan asked.
    "Yeah," Runty Rusty said with a sigh, "This is no place for a landsman." Then with a smirk, he added, "Well that takes the wind out of my sails."
    "Ah, a pun," Little Damian said putting his hand to his head.

    I think I slept for about an hour, when I suddenly remembered another due assigment. I needed my old psychology textbook, which was burried somewhere in the garage, in order to do this assignment. When I came into the kitchen, the Teenys explained their exciting sea adventure to me. I felt responsibile for causing them such trouble. Runty Rusty went to change back into this normal clothes. He was kind enough to fold the Pilgrim costume neatly for me. Then I told them how I now needed to find my old psychology textbook.
    "It's buried somewhere in the garage, but I'm not sure where."
    "Let's help you find it then," Little Damian suggested. They hopped down from the coutner. I opened the back door. They all scurried into the garage, but stop dead in their tracks once they had entered.
    "This place is amazing," Tiny Tim said.
    "This place is a mess," Little Damian corrected.
    "I've never really bothered to keep the garage very organized," I explained.
    "Do you remember where you last left your book?" Diminutive Dan asked.
    "Not really..."
    "Well, let's split up and look for it," Little Damian instructed.
    Runty Rusty and Little Damian split up. Diminutive Dan and Tiny Tim decided to search together. I started going through some old boxes.

    Diminutive Dan and Tiny Tim waded through some spilled potting soil at the side of the room. Tiny Tim had to grab Diminutive Dan's arm to help Diminutive Dan stumble his way through the quick-sand like soil. When they had made it to the corner, Diminutive Dan stopped to catch his breath. Tiny Tim went forward into the cluttered darkness thrown against the corner of the room. Then suddenly he shouted and ran from clutter back to Diminutive Dan, jumping into this arms.
    "What's wrong?" Diminutive Dan asked.
    "Snake!" Tiny Tim yelped.
    "There are no snakes in here," I told him from across the room.
    "I saw a snake!" Tiny Tim insisted.
    "I'll go check," Diminutive Dan reassured Tiny Tim.
    "Ok.--No wait! Don't leave me out here with a snake around. I hate snakes!"
    From inside the clutter, a tinkering sound, then a dragging sound came. Diminutive Dan emerged dragging the end of a jump rope out from the clutter. "Was this your snake?"
    "Oh," Tiny Tim sunk to the ground in relieve. He wiped his forhead with his sleeve. "This place gives me the creeps."
    "Let's just keep looking," Diminutive Dan said kindly.

    On a higher shelf, Little Damian sifted through a tin full of old buttons and coins. He raised a shiny button to the light to study it. Then he put it down and went hunting deeper inside the shelf. He pushed some cob webs out of the way. Normally, that sort of thing did not bother him. But he suddenly felt an itchy creepy feeling down his neck as if some insects might be nearby. He shook off the fear and stepped forward. Not realizing what he might have stepped on, he suddenly heard a rumble. He whipped round as a spool of thread fell past him, unravelling thread behind it as it went crashing to the garage floor. He breathed a sigh of relief, not really sure what was giving him a spooky feeling. He shrugged and went back to the search. He emerged from the clutter to find, he was suddenly standing at the edge of the bookshelf. There was no way to get down and he wasn't about to go back into that creepy clutter. He saw an old macrome basket hanging from the bookshelf, so he jumped for it, and used to to swing from the top bookshelf to the one below it.

    Meanwhile, Runty Rusty was on a shelf on the other side of the room. He walked forward through the clutter and suddenly there it was: a big textbook. It was covered with items on top of it, but on the side it clearly said "Intro to Psychology."
    "I found it," Runty Rusty declared, dragging the book as much as he could. But there were too many things on top of it. He looked up and saw an old Buddha head laying sideways nearby, the body having long since broken off. "Woah, cool," he muttered. "Hello?" he shouted trying to get my attention.
    "I'm coming," I said. "Ah, thank you!" I said pulling the book from the shelf.
    Runty Rusty moved some things out of the way to get a closer look at the Buddha head. "Hey, where did you get this from?" he asked me. But I had already walked to the other side of the room to put things back into the boxes I had taken them from.
    That's when Runty Rusty heard a faint rumble. He turned round to see the Buddha head had become lose from the clutter and was begining to roll toward him.
    "Uh-oh!" He began running across the shelf. I heard the noise, but didn't understand what was going on. I quickly came over. Runty Rusty suddenly came running forward. He jumped from the shelf, flying toward me and landing on my head. The Buddha statue came crashing to the floor. The rest of the Teenys were already waiting by the door, eager to get back into the house. That was the first time I ever saw them eager to get out of an adventure. "Let's get inside and make dinner or something," Little Damian said trying to appear non-chalant. "I also need a bath. I don't smell too good."

    I opened the door as the Teenys fumbled over each other each fighting to get back into the kitchen first. Poor things. Since they had been such a great help to me, I decided to order a pizza with everything on it but anchovies so that they couldn't argue over topings. I think I finally found a place in the house the Teenys are sure not to go into again any time soon."
  • ^^ the above incorporates Beckysioux's request for some Indiana Jones: falling spools of thread instead of skeletons, gold buttons instead of gold bullion, swinging from places, hatred of snakes, and of course the great rolling boulder. And of course, sneaking in Milky's request for Pilgrims

    Originally, it was all supposed to be told from Runty Rusty's point of view, but that's not how it turned out here. I meant to write a follow-up told from his point of view, blog style. I shall have to try to do so later this week
  • QUOTE (Tempe Arizona @ May 26 2008, 07:25 AM)
    "Yeah," Runty Rusty said with a sigh, "This is no place for a landsman."


  • Oh my gosh, that was a great story. I loved how you fit in the story from Andy's Secret Dakota Ring page. That was awesome. I love reading your stories
  • Tempe, you really are quite genius. I LOVED the way you managed to not only have Rusty falling off a boat, but doing it in pilgrim dress TOO - made my night biggrin.gif
  • eeeee Tempe, that was incredible, as always.

    Rusty as a Pilgrim-- awwwwwwwww
  • Aww, thanks! tongue.gif
    Tee-hee, Runty Rusty's a regular action hero in that story. And he says you'll love his version of the events.

    I meant to post it yesterday at the same time I posted the above story, but I got too sleepy. Now that you know the actual story, you might find his version somewhat "enhanced." Sometime this week, I'll type it up and post it.
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