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  • Hey kbiewer, Welcome to the Boards! OK Go did not use any CG for this video. There are a few Behind the Scenes videos on YouTube you can search through, but the one below should show your co-worker that they are indeed real balls. Behind the S…
  • Damian as director... Park Pictures Adds OK Go Frontman Damian Kulash To Its Directorial Roster
  • There are several good articles floating around about the video, but these three are my favorite. 1. Behind-The-Scenes Of OK Go’s Zero Gravity “Upside Down & Inside Out” Video Mainly for this video. I feel so sorry for Tim in Take 2. 2. OK G…
  • In case you haven't seen the video yet, click here.
  • Oh, the video will be released on February 11th.
  • The vids have been up for awhile, I just haven't gotten around to posting them here. TTSP N/G The One Moment
  • Aaand, they're not playing Riot Fest anymore. Oh well. BUT, they did do a Corporate show last year and someone is selling one of the treadmills that were used in the show. It's only $500 and is in the Boston area. If you want it, check it out here…
  • I got a few videos, but I have yet to have time to upload them. Once I do, I'll post them here. I didn't go to the DJ set afterwards, but I know that Jamie went. At least, when I left her she said she was still going. Because it was a fest and T…
  • Hey txheights, The band doesn't check the Boards that often, so I posted your question to them over on Twitter. Here is their response: "They're called kabuki screens and take a lot of elements. They'd be looking at a minimum 10K investment at the …
  • So first I went to forums, then I clicked on my picture next to "Hello france". It then takes me straight to my profile. I click on edit profile and it shows my username and email in text boxes. The website will let me change the email, but when …
  • I just decided to get myself into the forums and when I signed in I noticed that the username that was generated for me was "france". I'm not sure why it gave me this until I live in the US and I want to change it, but it won't let me when I go to …
  • The lentil soup.
  • I miss the shaggy hair days. Though I don't miss those suits.
  • Looks like the boys are playing Riot Fest this year.
  • I guess the boys were the featured band on CBS This Morning: Saturday this past Saturday. Here is a link to some of what was talked about along with 3 vids. One is an interview with Damian and Tim, along with some very old footage I have never see…