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Fan Fiction: Zombie OK Go



  • That's my kind of shopping list! Wink And Pirates, yay. Bonus points for Damian looking like he'd lost a day. Smile
  • Ahahaha!  I laughed out loud at the very end, well done! :)  These are so much fun to read, thanks for writing them.  Also, I think I missed the original explanation about Damian's choice of headgear - can you explain/remind me?
  • Jade? Yeah, I love you... just saying... Wink
  • Love you too Christel!

    This is the orginal explaination Raina:

    "Zombie Damian likes to scare people, whether they are human or zombie it doesn't matter. If it's human he LOVES to mumble and say brains and walk towards them menacingly (even though he doesn't eat humans…or brains). He likes to scare Tim a lot.
    One day mischievous Andy superglued branches that he found on one of his weekly bush walkthroughs onto Damian's head while he was sleeping…Damian was SUPER pissed. But after a while he started to like it, he looked part-deer, and he freaked people out more."

  • LOL yeah, I totally missed that - hilarious!  Thanks for catching me up. :)

    Math is 22, rats!  But at least I got to add double digits today!

  • ZombieOMG! I just read a couple of the old ones and realized that you used my Zombie ADuncan idea! And the "keeping him as a pet' thing. :) :) :)

  • ZombieOMG! I just read a couple of the old ones and realized that you used my Zombie ADuncan idea! And the "keeping him as a pet' thing. :) :) :)

    EDIT: Ach! Why did it do that?

  • Hehe, yeah trying to make sure everyone's ideas get turned into a story at some point (I'm still thinking of the Odessey and Oracle thing Christel!)

    I've got a couple ideas going for a few stories right now but writing's gunna be slow since I've started college now.


    EDIT: I'm still accepting ideas ^.^

  • Zombie OKGo #16's up

    (Thanks Raina for the help on my trivial question :D)

  • I drew you a quick little fanart doodle:

    If the image doesn't show up, here's the link:

    DUDE 12+11=23.  Man I'm feeling lucky today!

  • My pleasure, Jade!  Can't wait to see what happens next. :)

  • Taciturn said:

    I drew you a quick little fanart doodle:

    Wow that's pretty awesome!

    I was actually going to ask if people wanted to draw anything for Zombie OK Go a few weeks ago haha :P

    So yeah, I encourage this sort of thing. If you want to draw something for this then go ahead, I'd love it if this thread was filled with things other than what I've come up with.

  • *twirls* Yay! *runs off to read it*

    Lovely!  Especially loved Damian "shuffling towards Andy" and Damian's comments regarding Andy's brain waves and sulky face. :)

    Many lolz at the nod to Andy's carefully styled hair. ;)

  • That's the best (and maybe most likely) episode ending yet, Jade! Brilliant!

    Also, I love how even zombies can't keep their seams from splitting...

  • Hehe, thanks Christel and Raina :)

    I'm trying to include any in jokes/real life references to OK Go that I know of to make it that extra funny for everyone else :)

  • New ZOKGo!  Nice end to a good day. :)
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