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  • darbie_starpower said:

    aww *hugs tempe* and you shouldn't feel selfish about worrying about your education...

    Seriously!  You're spending a lot of money on your education, and you've come a long way to get to this point.  You deserve the top notch program you signed up for.  You would be selfish if you went over to your profs' houses and demanded they teach you in spite of their hardships, but worrying how something is going to affect you, whilst sympathising with those who got the worst of a situation, is completely reasonable.

  • My boss has tripled my work-load without extra pay. We are not under-staffed. She took the work away from someone else in the office. I have recieved no training for this new work. Today I have 17 cases that go to court where I'm used to having six and I have no clue how to do those extra 11. Some people in the office think that she wants someone to quit because her daughter needs a job. I think she's trying to get ME to quit because guess who has the full-time-with-benefits position? I am deperate for options, frantically trying to form an exit plan. In the mean-time I have ordered this book: "How to Work for an Idiot: Survive & Thrive-- Without Killing Your Boss" (made me feel a bit better just ordering it. I hope it's funny) and I've made an apointment with a therapist. I don't hold much hope for that last bit. What I need is a life coach!
  • Hannah, that SUCKS.  Is there anyone you can talk to at the office who can do something about this, like HR or your Boss' boss?  I know that in some workplaces that can work.
  • Thanks, Rachel.  I have never been in a situation like this. My boss doesn't have a boss because she is an elected official and I don't know if we even have an HR department. I made it through today okay. I made a happy list : )
  • Run against her next time? Wink
  • I hope everything's gotten straightened out, Sunny.

    I'm just getting over my Beachside Ok Go cold, which I caught from waiting in the pouring rain and then walking around in wet shoes for two days. All I have left is this slight morning cough. Anwyay, this co-worker/classmate has the nerve to ask me, "are you covering you're mouth when you cough?" Fuck, we're both dentists. Why the hell wouldn't I cover my mouth when I cough. I'm a fucking healthcare provider. It didn't mean to, but it came across and so condescending and neurotic! Last week she made me spend a day wearing a fucking mask cause she sits across from me and didn't want to get sick.

    You know what I've missed about a good Ok Go show? Bringing "fuck" back into my normal way of speaking. Not a good habit to pick up, but Damian makes you just want to copy him with it.

  • My day sucked. Everyone's an asshole. Please tell me the real world in pediatric dentistry is going to be better than residency (aka bootcamp training). I'm realizing more and more that writing stuff is more important to me than dentistry.

  • I need to complain for a minute this morning.  This has been my world for the last 70 minutes or so:

    Email: People are buying your CD and we're sending you money!  Yay for you!

    Website: No, no one's bought your CD in a month and we're not sending you jack.  Must've been a computer glitch. Sucks to be you.  Oh and hey, you know those free downloads you gave people of your music?  Yeah, they didn't really want them and haven't downloaded it.  So people don't even want you for free.

    EZPass: Oh and beeteedubs, you somehow managed to spend $90 in ONE WEEKEND in tolls going to NYC, but we're not going to tell you how that's possible, we're just going to take $90 out of your bank account.

    Car Payment: Don't forget about me!

    Bank account: ow!

    Husband: Good thing I went to the grocery store last night and bought food for the week… for me.  Sorry, my ADD prevents me from learning what things you want from the store when I go, even though we've lived together for almost 8 years and your tastes have barely changed in that time.

    Stomach: But but but… Breakfast? 

    Sky: Oh hey I feel like raining!

    Pantlegs: I'm too long for you and I like splashing in puddles.

    Texas Rangers: We're going to give the Phillies fans you work with a great big reason to pick on you all day, even though you NEVER pick on them when the Phils are struggling. 

    Yankees: Sorry kiddo.  Them's the breaks.  We win for you most of the time, but we're not superheroes.  And besides, even if we had won last night, it probably wouldn't make any of the rest of this better.

    Me: Maybe if you could buy my CD, Yankees?

    Yankees: umm, yeah, about that… See ya!

    Oh and then after I posted this,

    Facebook: Hey remember your friend who died at age 26 of cancer 4 months ago?  Yeah, guess what?  HE'S STILL DEAD!

  • Wow! That is a horrible morning, Rachel. I was going to complain about someone pooping in our bathroom floor at the office. But never mind. 
  • I hope your day ended better than it started!

    Huuuuuuge Huuuuuuugs, Rachela!!!!!

    How's about a little random Craig Ferguson to cheer you up:

  • Sending you a really big burst of love, Rachel. It's been an unbelievably bad/sad/mad week for everyone, it seems.
  • Thanks, Guys!

    I felt much better after Amber sent me that quote of a post I'd put on the Happy Thread.  That and the fact that some of the attorneys had ordered breakfast and not eaten it all, so I got leftovers, and some of my bestest work buddies came with hugs.  And my former co-worker friend brought me lunch and a baby to snuggle (and wear as a hat).  And the rain stopped.

    Good things all around.

  • Okay, guys. Here's my complaint.


  • Also - I have no idea how I can possibly get my trademark smiley face avatar back...
  • Shit! I was just told I have to rewrite my PaulMcCartney review. I spent 7 hours on it yesterday! Today is a fucking holiday! Sorry for the swearing, but this really irritates me. I have been told over the past few weeks that writers have begun drifting from the in-depth, cultural, personal, essay-style critiques for which my publication likes to be known, toward more "should you buy it" product review style pieces, and that needs to be addressed.

    So I wrote a consciously in-depth, personal piece. For a review that needs to be UP on Tuesday. Therefore needs to be in the system before tomorrow, therefore edited and signed off today... It is not my fault the publicist didn't get me the material until Friday. It is not my fault that the complaint I'm hearing is that I did what they asked and now they want me to go the other way.

    I'm Wiccan, by the way. Did I mention it is a holiday?

    Whew. Needed to put that somewhere. Thanks.

  • I am in a BAD mood. Mom offered for sister to come visit during her winter break. Little sister knows I need a change of pace right now and something fun to do, that I've been feeling blah. But she doesn't want to come. I'm not sure if it's cause my mom asked her when she was extremely overtired and focused on something else or if she's that afraid of a severe TSA frisk. Then again, she gets these stupid little selfish spurts every now and then and I really think she wants the house to herself right now, so she's trying to encourage my mom to come instead. I love my mommy, but there ain't a lot to do here and what little I have planned was geared toward a little sister's visit. And if it were the other way around and my sister was feeling blah and I had the opportunity to visit, I wouldn't crap out just cause I don't feel like traveling. Alrighty, well, it could also be the female time of the month that's making me look into this too deeply and get cranky. I'll go have some chocolate.
  • Aww Tempe, I hope you're feeling better now. Family dynamics can be such a drag. *hugs*

    My complaint for the night - Why isn't it Christmas yet?! Just under two hours to go...

  • I don't like the new shows page. :(

    That is all.
  • beckysioux said:

    I don't like the new shows page. :(

    That is all.

    Surely there will be other shows, including a non Lolla-Chicago-area date, after August? I mean, I know they want a break... but they always say that and then they rush out and do more concerts.
  • ChristelAdina said:

    beckysioux said:

    I don't like the new shows page. :(

    That is all.

    Surely there will be other shows, including a non Lolla-Chicago-area date, after August? I mean, I know they want a break... but they always say that and then they rush out and do more concerts.


    Oh no, I'm fine with the show dates, it's the actual page that I don't like. I can't recall what it looked like before the entire website overhaul, but I liked how it was before this new change.

    The show page showed the date of the shows. And when you clicked on them, it gave you a map, who was going (if they checked in that they were going), and then it linked all the Flickr photos, YouTube vids and Tweets that were tagged with the show date, i.e. #okgoMay202011. I thought that was a pretty awesome idea because you could see what other people saw without having to search through slogs of crap to get to the good stuff.

    Oh well. I'm sure I'll eventually be fine with the new page, but maybe not. Mainly because when you click on one of the show dates, it takes you to a completely different website. It'd probably be different if it made a new tab, but it just goes to the new website in the window you're currently in.

    Meh, I'm just a complainer I guess.
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