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  • Actually, I'm with you.  The Songkick interface doesn't give as much info; for example, what time does the DC show start on 6/23?  Yeah, doesn't say.  Annoying as all get out.


    And on an unrelated note, no Ms. Random-Caller-from-Boston, you cannot "speak to someone."  There are 300 people in this office and you're going to have to be a bit more specific.  And a lot less rude.
  • I don't like to complain, I really don't, But I haven't been able to sleep for the past 3 days and have had all nighters on and off for the past 4 weeks! ARGGGHH.

    OK, I'm done. Have a nice daaay. :)

    Also, I don't like the new tour page either. You're not alone. XD
  • Totally agree with the whole deal about the Shows page. Sounds like it was better in the past.

    My complaint: I have a little less than a month to leave my home. I live in a trailer park (glamorous, right?) and it was sold a couple years ago because the owner did not want to put in the money to fix up the place, which has a crappy (no pun intended) septic system. The new owners do not want to fix it up either, so now we are all getting kicked out. Every last person living there has to leave. By the 24th of June.
    As of right now, my family and I have no clue where we are going. Neither do most of the other people living in the trailer park. We're all screwed. See, if it was just a handful of people getting kicked out, it wouldn't be as hard to find a place to stay. But right now we're all scrambling to find a place... and to find money.
    I don't know what to do and I wish I could be more helpful to my family and know what to do, but... all I'm able to do at this moment is pray that we find a place.

    The best part out of all this is that the owners are actually denying that this is true. It's been in the paper and everyone knows about it, so why keep the lie going? It seems their plan is to tell us after we've all paid the rent and have a week to get out, which is total bull.

    Well... that's my complaint...
  • Silver, what a bunch of bastards. ::HUGS:: Good luck!!!!
  • That is awful, Silver! You are in Washington State, right? If you haven't already, you or your family might consider putting in a call to the office of one of your state legislators, or even one of your U.S. Senators: Maria Cantwell or Patty Murray. Constituent services is part of what they do, and they might be able to refer you to some good resources. Best of luck to you!
  • Thanks, guys.

    I'm sure we'll find a way to make things work, but it's just really infuriating. And I hope everyone else is able to find a place. There are some nice people here that I don't want to see end up on the streets because of the mean-spirited people in charge.
  • Where in WA do you live? Which county? I can see if my friends have any agencies/contacts/etc. My friend Mel had a similar thing a few years ago with the house she was renting...I will ask her who she got help from. She was a disabled mother of 2 girls at the time, so some of the assistance she received may have come through disability or welfare channels. Anyone in your family qualify for any type of state assistance like that? Because you're entitled to individual advocates, and going through those agencies might be more immediate.
  • I live in Grays Harbor county. Unfortunately none of my family qualifies for welfare. Or perhaps they haven't tried? I'm not sure, they very rarely get (or ask for) any sort of help from the state. My mom asked her boss, he's the owner of a hotel, if he knew of any places that were for rent and we also visited another older lady that's a landowner around here, so there's a possibility we'll have a place soon.

    This is kind of a hard hit to the community. There are quite a few kids living in the trailer park that go to school here, so the school doesn't want them to have to leave because that means they lose funding. There's also the threat from something called Wild Olympics from somewhere in the cities that want to expand the national park we have and close it to the public. That would mean less tourism, which is pretty much the community's livelihood. They want to buy land from landowners, which would mean the state would not get that tax money, which could then lead to the school getting shut down.

    I haven't prayed in a very long time, but all this has definitely led me to start up again.
  • Hmmm, given that information, I am not sure I can offer any help. I will still ask my friend when I talk to her in the next couple of days, though.


    I don't really understand what you said about the national parks (closed to the public? Huh?), but if that in any way figures into the issue of where you all are going to go, I'd ask if anyone has contacted your Senators and Representatives? This might also be an avenue to explore with the school/kids leaving/lost funding thing. I mean, at least your local representative's office should know about this, and might have some more resources for you.


    Wish I could think of something more tangible...
  • From what I understand about the Wild Olympics thing, they're pretty much trying to make it so no one can ever walk through the trails or go anywhere that's part of the park, which seems a little contradictory considering that's what the park is for. I'm not 100% sure on what's going on. There was a meeting a week ago about it, they're trying to stop it from happening because it'd be very very bad. They've got lots of people informed. I wish I could have gone to the meeting, though, I'd like to understand the situation better.

    And thank you, Christel, for talking to your friend. Any help is definitely appreciated. Smile
  • Right now my sister is on the phone with a moron and therefore I can't sleep. This moron is a new coworker who has never had to work with my sister directly. One day, she just ran into my sister for the first time and stuck herself to my sister like a parasitic tick. My sister knows this coworker is crazy and says she's decided to limit her time with this person. Then why did she spend two hours yesterday with this person, then talked for a couple of hours on the phone with her, and is now talking on the phone with her in the middle of the night? I mean, my best friend and I have marathon conversations. Still my best friend is the only person I'd call in the middle of the night just for the heck of it. I would never talk to a coworker in the middle of the night just for kicks. I hate how my sister lets herself get roped into hanging around stupid moochers.
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