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  • Words can't describe how excited I am for this album.
  • You know you're obsessed when... You see a man with an OK Go sweater in the mall and you almost hug him.
  • You know you're obsessed when... your boyfriend says "you're so damn hot and you have to fight yourself from breaking into song. I'm sure this has been said before but it still makes me have that extra bit of smile when the song chimes in my head.
  • YKYOW You get your boyfriend into OK Go with one song. OH YES, GOLDEN STARS ALL AROUND. Now all I can hear when we skype is him singing "Buh baaah let's crash the party…" or "Television! Television! Oh whoo ooh oooh!" :/ Also, YKYOW you're watchi…
  • BeckiWitte said: BeckiWitte said: What a wonderful video it is, too.  I saw it later (yoiu know afetr the premier) and didn't know Tim was involved and the whole thing gave me this weird feeling of de je veux, like I had seen it before.  Well I …
  • Oh gosh, really? My whole life feels like a lie now. That was like, my favorite gif. Haha, well I'll just have to make my own now. It is hot though LOL
  • inb4 I make shoe making buisness. That would be so awesome. If I had money for converses right now I'd be all on it for you.
  • YKYOW Your school project involves People Music. It's a tribute for an art festival and I'll post all the goodies when I'm done filming and editing. I'm excited!
  • I'm mega pumped. But in the back of my head I'm kind of wondering, "What's going to happen to People?" Has he tweeted about anything? I haven't been up to date at ALL.
  • magnoliamaggiemag said: Who knew Google searches could have information such as this? Yes, it's fuzzy and old, but how could we have missed this? It says it's from 1993-1994 (I think). That means he was... 18 in this picture. With short blonde …
  • Guys. Anyone have a link to the gif with Damian pulling up his shirt with the caption "MY BODY IS READY"? I lost it in the dying of my computer. And that's partially why I haven't been posting, sorry, but hello! :D
  • My friend Steve just sent me this: Click if you like 8bit and awesomeness! (Or a combination of them both XD)
  • YKYOW google chrome doesn't let you post on the boards (Does it post for you, BTW?) so you download firefox just to post. YKYOW you're having a livestream event with your friends and someone on the chat mentions OK Go and you instantly have a spaz …
  • Oh I wish I was that cool. :3