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  • squashedbanana said: Its finished!!!!! Taken 8 days and a lot of tea has been consumed during that time :P I added black lines to a different version so it would be very similar to the album art for OTBCOTS but it didn't look right to me so I took …
  • DJRose said: beckysioux said: I'm only legendary because I tangoed with Damian. And I am jealous to this very day. JENN!!!  Hooray!  I got you! I am so up for another boardie meetup it's crazy.  I once told Adam that I would only fly for an OK Go…
  • DJRose said: DJRose said: QUOTE (toiletdog @ Nov 22 2008, 08:51 PM) I wanna meet Rachey! And Rose! And everyone else! As SOON as they announce tour dates for the next album I am booking tickets to Chicago so that I can go to a show with all the M…
  • DJRose said: toiletdog said: Who says that the Google search is fake?? :D Not moi. Adam might disagree with you there, T-dog.  xxxx Yeah, well......OK; you've got me there. The same goes with mine. :)
  • DJRose said: violetchaos364 said: Holy freaking crap -  ! THIS! I was looking up 'paisley patterns' and thought, hey, I'll look up "OK Go paisley" and see what happens, and this pops up! This picture, of which, amusingly, has no paisley in it. *is…
  • By the way, although I am a rarity in these forums today, I receive each and every message through RSS feed. So, keep these pictures coming, ya'll. :)
  • Aleatory said: squashedbanana said: 
  • Katy, You were right to reply. Had I noticed it when it came across my RSS feed (the only way I am really connected to the board anymore, since my username/issues were never resolved), I would have responded immediately. What tiff124 was incredibly…
  • *haha* OK Go plagiarized our "Under Water" gag. :) I love it. And it's pretty neat to see Tim and Andy go acoustic solo.
  • Tempe Arizona said: I sense the "Motivational Posters" gag making a comeback. :D :D :D
  • What'v-I-done?!? What have I done, what have I done??!?
  • Sunnyside said:Hi, toiletdog!! Hi hi! Nice to see you!
  • DJRose said: Oh Tempe, that's just so cruel!!!!!   ROFLMAO!! I thought the parody was cute. :-D You SUCK. Both of you! :D
  • Tempe Arizona said: toiletdog said: Psssst! Still unable to get my # of posts back. I swear I am not a noob! I could bump up that thread you once accidnetally posted just to proove you're not a noob You wouldn't DARE.......................... …
  • Will said: toiletdog said: squashedbanana said: did you go on the old board and do this? if you did then...i guess you're stuck with what you're doing should work though, hope it does Sure did. At the time I didn't have the password fo…