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I have no idea who most of you people are...

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During school, it's hard for me to get on the boards like I did during the summer, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. I come on here once in a while, and everytime I see bunches of new people. It's weird, I'm so used to seeing HFoC, Katy, Darbs, Kay, Jen, etc. and now I never know who I'm talking to. This isn't a bad thing, it's just odd.

So, I want to use this thread as a space for introductions, not just for the noobs, but for everyone. I'm sure the noobs have no idea who the old schoolers and middle schoolers are either, so just talk up yourself, people.

Me: My name is Karleigh, I go to school in Winter Park, FL most of the year, but I still like to say that I live in Austin, TX. I'm going to be 20 in like a week, and I've met 5 boardies so far, while I plan to meet another in December (Karleigh, Dan, and Jen sandwich!). I really like OK Go, and most people would consider me middle school/noob. I don't like fake people, and I HATE liars. If you come here to brag, I would prefer it if you'd leave, because no one cares that your daddy is rich and got you into the VMAs, or whatever. This is a place for OK Go and fun, not celebrity gossip. These guys are private, and I think their lives should be kept secret. If I say something rude to you, it's one of 2 things: (1) I don't like you, and I'm having to bite my tongue in order not to say something worse, or (2) I love and have a lot of respect for you, and I know that I can say what's on my mind to you and you will respect my feelings (this is the case with Katy all the time). I enjoy joking around, making t-shirts, and falling in love with rock stars. I also love bananas, and I think about my poor Australian friends every time I have one.

Now it's your turn. Be interesting, boring people are lame.


  • im joe, i fel left out. ouch.
  • Pearl, Texas, 23, I'm the coolest rock in the cave, and I love stuff O.O
  • Emmett Redding, 14, Melbourne, Australia, I rock, full stop. Yeah, I don't post that often anymore, I kind of turned into more of a lurker after I reached the thousand-two hundred post mark. Yeah. I like OK Go and making short films.
  • Hi! i'm Gal, i'm a 17 year old girl from Israel [I feel like i'm mentioning that too much... dry.gif ] that means my English is not so good and i'm realy sorry for any grammar mistakes..
  • im andy

    im rather amazing

    this is all
  • I'm Shelle. *waves* 28. Photographer. History Student who graduates in May. Have liked Okgo for about 5 years. I wish I could write more, but to be honest, I am burnt out writing personal statements for graduate schools. dry.gif
  • I'm Ashley. Penelope is my dog's name, not sure why I chose it, except that she's super irresistible.
    I live in Austin, it's a great city, minus the stifling heat!
    I'm a Clinical Nurse Specialist in endocrinology. It's kind of like a specialized nurse practitioner. It's stressful, but I like my patients...most of 'em, anyway. smile.gif

    I am also a writer (amateur--wrote one novel, unpublished, and a few articles, also unpublished. Seeing a trend here??) I'm also a VERY amateur drummer.
    My husband has an awesome band called Manager's Choice. You should check them out, seriously.
    I've only met Karleigh from the boards, and she rocks! Maybe I'll run into some other boardies at the Irving Plaza show in November.
    I have two dogs--Penelope and Pablo. Both are rescue/shelter dogs. Pablo is three-legged. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I have one bitchy cat named Trudy, too!

    Re: OKGO. I've been loving them for years, have had the luck to seeing them in concert many, many times. I was pretty much smitten from the beginning smile.gif Who could not fall in love with the dance (I'm talking about Cinnamon Lips here) the Les Mis scene, and Damian's skinny rocker-ness??
    I like to do OKGO covers for fun, even though I hate my voice.

    That is PLENTY about me--sorry to rattle on, and sorry it feels so "bulleted!"
  • i am darbie, i enjoy adopting the younger ok go boardies as my children...
  • Hey, I'm Melissa, I live in the rad part of the world, I have 3 sisters, and I'm a 2nd year in York University... also I'm now 20...

    QUOTE (Penelope @ Sep 28 2006, 09:36 AM)
    I'm Ashley. Penelope is my dog's name, not sure why I chose it, except that she's super irresistible.

    oh my, I always thought your name was Penelope... sorry man.


    I still don't know what les mis is... someone enlighten me... I'm feeling really ignorant here...
  • My name is Angela (LaLa)... I'm 21... I live in Upper Darby, PA... I love music, especially Regina Spektor... I work as a cashier at CVS... and I'm Darbie's stalker...
  • my name is angie, i'm 16 and i live in oklahoma. i don't really remember how long i've liked OK Go, but i do know that they are still not very widespread in this part of the country (whereas Hinder gets played on pretty much any radio station you can name mad.gif ). i know there are other OK Go fans in my area, but i haven't met very many of them.

    i've taken dance since i was 3, and teach the younger students every once in a while. i'm a devoted Harry Potter fan. i LOVE project runway. i'm typically a quiet person, but i'm getting a little better about posting more often (i tend to lurk a little. that and the fact that we only have 1 computer in my house, so i don't always get to be here when i want to). i'm on the JC some as well.

    there's more to me than that, but this feels like it's already pretty long.

    i guess it's good that i did this though because i don't really think i officially introduced myself properly to anyone when i first came here..... so yeah. hello. laugh.gif
  • I'm Megan, 15, I'm a photographer. Live and abandoned building photos. My website is and my dad is a douche bag.
  • QUOTE (BYOS @ Sep 28 2006, 09:35 AM)
    and I'm Darbie's stalker...

    admiting you have a problem is the first step *applauds you*
  • QUOTE (darbie_starpower @ Sep 28 2006, 12:19 PM)
    admiting you have a problem is the first step *applauds you*

    who says it's a problem?
  • QUOTE (BYOS @ Sep 28 2006, 11:27 AM)
    who says it's a problem?

    that's uh, that's a good question, that i shall answer in just a moment *runs like hell*
  • I'm Kay, a sixteen-year-old from Canada who enjoys laughing at scene kids and fighting Kim with a whisk.
  • you think I'm scene? thats why your always whisk battling me? it all makes sense now.
  • I only use a spatula with scene kids, they are fragile.
  • hi i'm Mia (18) and i'm from Portugal.compared to most of you guys, i'm pretty new at the ok go stuff.i'm sorry if my english is not as good as it should be, but i'll try
  • QUOTE (m_I_a @ Sep 28 2006, 10:02 PM)
    hi i'm Mia (18) and i'm from Portugal.compared to most of you guys, i'm pretty new at the ok go stuff.i'm sorry if my english is not as good as it should be, but i'll try

    Boa vinda, Mia! Meu nome é Katy, eu tenho 20 anos. Eu sou dos Estados Unidos, mas eu moro em Paris por o ano. Você é de quel parte do Portugal? A família de meu pãe mora próximo a Oporto.

    (Dear goodness. I so need to brush up on my Portuguese before classes start...)

    For those who don't read Portuguese, my name is Katy, I'm 20, I'm from the US but I'm living in Paris for the year for school, which is turning out to be not the wisest of decisions because apparently I suck at French grammar.
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