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  • is gonzaga still in it, i picked them at the beginning cause of their bitchin name.
  • aw, that was a good review! i enjoyed. i'm glad you liked them too, i agree, they do get better each time.. brandon gaining confidence and what not. he usually doesn't talk much on stage though, this is true. hehe. i liked the outfit decriptio…
  • QUOTE (sara with no h @ Mar 8 2005, 07:50 PM)actually you know i dont think ive ever seen him smile. i see him walking like, everywhere but he always has the same look on his face. like this:  and its so cute. he looks at his feet when he walks. he…
  • QUOTE (Goosey @ Mar 8 2005, 03:09 PM)and oh my god! are u serious?!?! guys fall in love faster than women?!?!?! woah. it's a true story, so says my human development and family relations book. maybe they're less likely to say it though, but it's …
  • so how are these shows going, i want reviews.
  • QUOTE (Goosey @ Mar 8 2005, 02:35 PM)i TOTALLY 89273897128% agree, julie. my current crush---maybe its a little more than a ""crush" but seriously...when i first started liking him, he owuld PHYSICALLY make my stomach hurt. and not the regular "im n…
  • QUOTE (Mo_Papparani @ Feb 17 2005, 11:55 AM)Some of you remember me for making this thread at the H&V boards. I thought that maybe I can get some more answers here. These are just some questions that I've always wanted to ask a woman, but never…
  • the faint low millions the evening i'm in heart with all these guys right now. especially the first two. i want to see them live like a whole lot.
  • i'd be there in a second if i had money and no obligations. btw, darbie's new sig is hilarious: brandon's tiny and mark is like, "i know you're not trying to hug me, boy."
  • if that's right, i'm a happy camper. columbia, mo, and i'm gonna be in chicago that weekend too, effing A.
  • i think i looked my worst in grade 11/12. high school sucked for looking good. some good advice for the high schoolers, don't chop off all your hair if you don't have a style you're going for.
  • i'm sorry you're sad. i hope whatever it is gets sorted out and better.
  • i like them.
  • nuff said.
  • aw braces, don't miss those puppies. it's a unique feeling when you first take them off though. like when you first take out your tongue ring. that was the only fun part about the whole ordeal. but i have nice teeth now, so that's also groovy.