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  • Wait, so you guys were in the balcony?
  • I will be having an Election Day Party in my dorm with a bunch of my friends. Except one of my really good friends is pro-Mccain, while I'm all about the Obama. So one of us will be very bummed and the other will be extremely happy. But it should be…
  • -typing this on my new laptop -being at college -starting college -college in general!
  • I haven't been on in forever. How's it going? I've missed you all! I'll try to catch up.
  • Hey Hey Hey!!!!!!!!!!! Ok I missed like everything. I've been so busy this summer, with going on vacation and getting ready for school and stuff. But I started school today. As in college!! So exciting! But I forgot how much I hate going to class …
  • O....M....G! I'm away from the boards for sooo long and come back to all these great Damian pictures. Like this one. Thank you haha I don't know how I lived without all this hotness hahaha
  • QUOTE (thephantommilk @ Jul 8 2008, 05:04 PM) yayyyyy Patty! I graduated this year too. It is such a relief, huh? whatcha doing next year, do you know? O man, congrats!! Ya, it feels so great now. I'm actually going to college here in NY. what are …
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope it's awesome!
  • This is a bit old, but: FINALLY being done with high school!! I graduated last week. The ceremony was really crappy, but o well, I'm done! And now it's summer.
  • Hey guys!!!!!!!!!! I'm back...again. I've just been so busy but it's summer now! How's it going my Paolo buddies?
  • Hey guys! I have to listen to the song. Love the picture. Like love love the picture. Team's it going?
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY THERESA!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh Sweet Sixteen. Hope it's awesome!
  • QUOTE (Vinca15 @ Jun 9 2008, 07:00 PM) ^^ porridge!! awww! I've missed you but yay, you're here now omg! and I have a picture for you! it's taking forever to load though QUOTE (Vinca15 @ Jun 14 2008, 06:47 PM) I will post this here because ever…
  • O man, sounds pretty crazy! So the anti-Paolo actually likes Paolo a slight bit??? Well I really have missed a lot.
  • OBAMA!!! I'm so happy. I knew he would do it. Now let's hope he'll win the election (which he will haha).