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  • I'm off to the London show on the 13th. Not only is it the day after my 21st birthday but I'm taking my brother as well and it'll be his first ever gig. We're going with a good friend of mine. Really looking forward to it. Does anyone know who's su…
  • A guy called MC Lars. He is so clever, so funny and so talented which all comes out in his music. It's a shame he's so unheard of because he deserves so much more.
  • Wow, I haven't poked my head in this forum in a long time. But yeah, I'm going. I ordered my tickets the other week. Taking my little brother, it's his christmas present and will be his first ever gig. PLUS it's the day after my 21st birthday so it …
  • Scrap that. Can't go. My brother needs to be up at 6-7am the next morning D:
  • Three things I'm confused about 1- the website says it's over 18s, but the info about the show on the website and the link from the OK Go website say it's over 16s. I think I'm going to need to call up the venue. My brother is only 17 and he's who I…
  • Barenaked Ladies Lovers In a Dangerous Time Get In Line Thanks That Was Fun When I Fall Down To Earth Go:Audio Woodchuck She Left Me Raise Your Glass Save Me Now He's Changed OK Go Return You're So Damn Hot Get Over It Don't Ask Me Million Ways M…
  • Watching zombie movies makes me happy. I watched Night Of The Living Dead yesterday, 28 Days + Weeks Later today and have Diary Of The Dead to watch tomorrow. I'm having a duvet weekend so it's a moviefest in my room
  • I realised that I am one of the oldest people at gigs I go to now. I need to grow up
  • My afternoon lecture has been cancelled... whipee!
  • I love the Olympics. I love being able to come down in the morning, press the red button and have the choice of 4 or 5 sports to watch. Both this morning and yesterday morning I've watched the gymnastics. I'm also hoping there's some floorwork, you …
  • Ah, Martin Freeman made me giggle so much!! And btw, I like how this thread has become a love thread for Never Mind The Buzzcocks And is anyone else excited about Torchwood coming back on the 16th Jan? I went to see the panto in Birmingham on Wedne…
  • *sigh* I can't go. I would love to, it's so frickin' cheap and it's so easy to get to. But I can't get back that late. The last train home is 12.45, and I can't be stuck in London because I will have to go to work the next day. Grr
  • QUOTE (DJRose @ Sep 17 2007, 05:09 AM) Geezabird - oh how I love your choices. Especially Pat Stump and Steve Page. Pat Stump seriously has the best voice in rock music today. And MC Lars?! He was touring with MC Frontalot! I
  • 1 Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) - one word, eeeeeeeehhhh 2 Chris Ayer - really hot and a sweet guy. He laughed at me cos I was lying on the stage (there was no barrier infront of it) cos I was tired after a show, then he came and chatted for a bit …
  • Well, the only one I've heard of as being 100% confirmed is Zachary Quinto as Spock. Mainly because it was in Deathray. I think he'll make an adorable Spock. I'm gonna go see it just for him. But Leonard Nimoy is going to be Spock as well ... which …