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  • lol i love this one. XD omg. He is wearing the same T-shirts as me. hahaha! it's mine. lol!!
  • QUOTE (KristaMichelle @ Aug 14 2007, 06:40 AM) Wow, great pic!! XD Love it. + another pics from Korea. And here is video from Korea. It's not mine. (source is in video.) It's about 14minutes and like a plot of Pentaport show. click here! …
  • QUOTE (Tabetha @ Aug 2 2007, 01:42 PM) Well, that's it. Uhoo, you've given me a heartattack. I think I lost my capacity for speech. You've given me an aphasia. Thanks. And just when I was becoming sane, too :lol: Aw, congratulation. It's lucky fo…
  • QUOTE (Tapegrl =D @ Aug 2 2007, 03:50 AM) I told my Korean friends about Damian shouting Joa, ka neun gu ya. they were so excited. and i sent them a picture of Damian with the hand motion. EEP! wow. your friends also OKGo fans? If so, they will cer…
  • QUOTE (oknat @ Aug 2 2007, 01:13 PM) OMG, how cute! LOVE it! XD
    in Tim Comment by area22stone August 2007
  • oh my. this is the hottest pic ever! AWESOME. and more
  • QUOTE (DJRose @ Jul 31 2007, 11:16 PM) Wait, Sinae, so that guy has been saying "OK Go" and making that hand motion?! Is that from a TV show or something? If that's the case, it has to be the coolest thing EVER. Yeah. :] His name is Noh hong-chul…
  • QUOTE (Kissxxxx @ Jul 31 2007, 04:46 AM) OK Go was second main band on First day! (first was Chemical Brothers.) they made the whole korean including me jump up and down with excitement! the boys looked so happy, especially Damian! Damian said to us…
  • I went to PIFAN(it's the international film festival in Puchon, Korea.)to see movies about 2weeks ago. One of movies that I saw is 'Phobias' (it's short film made from England) In this movie, characters has really wierd phobias. scissors phobia, b…
  • omg, hi there!! kkkkkk wow. i didn't know that you already join in this board! + i think it's a good idea that change radio interview file into high quality one ! my file that i gave to sheri is really.....................not good. ++ last night w…
  • OKGO in KOREA!! :D - except Andy:( But he will arrive today.
  • QUOTE (Kareh @ May 10 2007, 05:55 PM) Here's one of my favorite Tim moves GOD. so lovely! lol!! He looks like squid :P but it's really cute
  • it's the cuteist game ever! :) the OKGO pingpong challenge!! It's not exist on now, I guess. But maybe it is used to on old days..(right? idk about old days) I play it once, it's not easy for me :-( But! I'll destroy Damian soo…
  • QUOTE (ytel82 @ Apr 29 2007, 05:51 PM) OMG..closeup pic always killing me... I like that shirt. Lovely green and pattern
  • QUOTE (Electra @ Mar 25 2007, 03:44 AM) Seeing as you all liked the last pic so much... Isn't he sweet? indeed! hes so sweet, so cute !
    in Andy Comment by area22stone April 2007