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  • QUOTE (Tabetha @ Jun 8 2008, 10:13 AM) I never said a word against Hillary that wasn't directed at her positions, tactics, behavior and policies. Her hair style, her friendships, her lovelife, etc- I never said anything about her personally. What I …
  • nooo Italy what the hell was that?? This country was so depressed yesterday. Stupid non-offsides goal...I hate technical rules like that. Not that it was the whole problem, cause obviously the team didn't really have their shit together, but still. …
  • QUOTE (Head Full of Crazy @ Jun 6 2008, 09:02 AM) oh i agree that american football has a great power to bring people together, espeshally in the events you just spoke about, which is a very good thing..its just a very slow way to spend a day.. oh,…
  • thanks guys!! that cake looks so tasty...mmm
  • The stop hating remark wasn't directed at you in particular but rather at everyone, but I do know that in the past you have in fact made comments about hating Hillary so it's not just this thread. You may disagree with Hillary's positions and her pa…
  • nooo, sometimes American football is worth caring about--Football, though it is in fact a really strange sport and yeah kinda wimpy against rugby, can really do amazing things. I nevere really appreciated it, until I was in the Superdome in New Orle…
  • QUOTE (Tabetha @ Jun 4 2008, 11:13 PM) She is also divisive and republicans hate her- she would make us lose the crossover vote. You can't just say 'Hillary is divisive' and ignore how divisive Obama will be. I've personally never thought it matter…
  • sci-fi/fantasy books... gelato... creepily lurking around every once in a while when I remember that this board exists haha guess I'm not really guilty about that last one. (hi)
  • Oprah/Jon Stewart for President. More seriously, I will actually attempt a real response to this thread at some point when I have the time to sit and think about it because it's been interesting watching this (and hearing reactions on it) from abr…
  • Valentines Day this year is Get High in Amsterdam Day for me, so I won't be complaining about it. Have a good one everyone! Please don't be cliched and wear black if you don't like it though--wear lime green or something. And someone eat some of th…
  • You watch Princess Diaries 2 online, even though you didn't particularly like the 1st one. And you realized exactly why you never saw it--it's sooo bad haha.
  • How was the show? Congrats on the 30 lbs, too, I hope your ex ate his hat (or something haha) when he saw you being your sexy self.
  • I love Blink 182's I Won't Be Home for Christmas and Jeff Foxworthy's Redneck 12 Days of Christmas (can you tell I like the weirder stuff?) And I think this deserves a solid wtf??!:
  • Happy anniversary!! hey, my relationship with the boards is the longest of my life too haha, though it's not as long as yours. Keep rocking forever!
  • some recent pics: I just love the colors in this (overlooking Florence, Italy): Sorry Italy, this still isn't classy and I think Botticelli is rolling over in his grave right now: This is the Concergierie and the Seine in Paris: