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  • it was a great show but disappointing after since we didn't get to meet them when they only walked and drove right past us... thats sucks. nice picture barbara.. haha i wonder who took it? =P littleroom, were you there after they perform near the…
  • i feel weird going to an OK Go concert now.. well maybe because it's the people who i'm going with which is my sister who doesn't really like OK Go.. but yea. i don't feel much excitment anymore like i did in november. =( that sucks.
  • well I'm going for sure!! and i can't wait til this coming friday!!! yay! =D
  • yay! i'm going to this one too! I got my tickets last week already. So I know that they won't tell me to make a U-turn and go back home like LMU....=l hopefully I won't be too late to this one because I still have school. And it'll probably be int…
  • wow this day sucked.. i'm not even sure they'd let anyone in. did anyone go to this? My practice ended at 5pm so i left at 5pm for the concert and it took about an hour to get there with all the traffic and whatnot. got there around 6pm. went th…
  • wow the time finally came now that hot topic is cool now. haha. i've been wondering if they'll ever sell OK Go shirts there. now they do and now i need to go to the mall. =D
  • only for Rusty Ross yes, that is a cake for Aross but he wasn't anywhere near us so we decided to celebrate it anyway. hmm i think i'll put it in my signiture.
  • i want to get there early to but i can't cause i have practice.. =( what time do you think they're performing?
  • The First time I heard of OK Go was when my friend was showing me this cool dance moves, but when she did it, it wasn't that appealing to me then. So she kept on telling me how cool it was so she showed me AMW online(this was the time when HIGA was …
  • HAPPY 28TH BIRTHDAY ANDY! may you have a wonderful time getting free drinks at your concerts. haha
  • QUOTE (rkpetersen @ Mar 3 2007, 12:35 AM) They really are a very under-appreciated band. I liked them so much, I just today got tickets to see them at a much smaller venue, Neumos, here in Seattle on April 13. I'm totally psyched about this becaus…
  • QUOTE (rocksugar @ Mar 1 2007, 11:53 PM) Me too! I called and ordered my tix for will call. Aparently, the lady on the phone said it is outdoors (For the Pepperdine one). Is this info correct? For some reason I thought the Smother's Theatre was indo…
  • QUOTE (rocksugar @ Mar 1 2007, 10:35 PM) Thanks! I printed out the logo, cut it, and traced it onto the back of the fabric. I used a sheet of iron on fabric glue and ironed it on to the fabric before cutting it out (per directions). This made it sti…
  • yay for the april 13th show! i already got my tickets!! =D hopefully i can go to the march 17th one too.
  • QUOTE (rocksugar @ Mar 1 2007, 10:11 PM) I'm thinking about getting more fabric and putting one on the other side. o wow... that is so pretty and amazing... how did you cut out the fabric so perfectly???